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The easy way to lose weight.

The easy way to lose weight.
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    6 Good Reasons
    To Eat Nuts

    After decades of getting a bad rap for their high fat content, nuts are finally getting credit for being super-healthy, nutrient powerhouses. Find out 6 benefits of eating nuts.

    I Have Never Looked Or Felt Better!

    INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® helped Jonathan focus on his health as he fought addiction. Now he looks and feels great. See his photos and submit your own and you could win $500.

    Recipe: Oatmeal With Blueberries

    This easy breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries will fuel your morning, keep you satisfied, and give you an antioxidant boost from a whole cup of blueberries. Get the recipe!

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    Go to for access to online diet and fitness support tools including personalized meal plans and advice from Tony Horton, Shaun T., Chalene Johnson and Beachbody's other celebrity trainers. Studies show that people who use support tools - like the kind found on Team Beachbody - get 2 times better fitness results.
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