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dunedin, FL
I was underweight, unhealthy, unhappy. I started out as a customer, ordered p90x, followed a meal plan.... I'm at my target weight, I have muscles and I love what looks back at me in the mirror!! p90x changed my life and that's why I became a coach, because everyone should feel good!! Whether you want to slim down or tone up, I have the tools to get you on track along with free
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Why workout at home??   Someone who is interested in a Beach Body workout asked me this question: "Jill, Why do you like working out at home SOOO much?" Well, friend, here is my answer: More ...
Shakeology! What is it? What's the hype??   It's all about nutrition, nutrition, nutrition! 70 different superfoods in one delicious shake. What is a superfood you ask?? A superfood is More ...
Welcome to my fitness blog!! You want to get fit?? You came to the right place!   **About Coach Jill** This 90 days of hard work with p90x!! It changed my life and it More ...
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