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2nd week of P90x. I'm doing less than the 1st week. WHY?
I am 32 years old, 6'3", about 180lb.
I didn't do any exercises for a long time. Probably a few years. I used to go to the gym religiously. Five days a week the entire year. This was between 2002 and 2003. My weight was about 350lb. My routine was: treadmill/bike for an hour, lots of weights. Day 1: chest/back; day 2: biceps, triceps and legs; and repeat. I lost a little weight but not as much as I thought I would. My diet was not the best but not too bad.
After several diets, doctor visits, acupuncture, you name it... I've tried with no success.
In 2004 I had a gastric by-pass and in about a year I lost all the extra weight. That was great, BUT... I was losing so much weight that I didn't think I needed to follow my doctor's instructions and workout regularly. The results? I am a skinny guy with no stamina and no strength. Basically I am the same fat guy in a skinny body.
I started P90x to define the muscles and increase my strenght and stamina. I love the program so far.

I started P90x a week ago. I love the workouts, the fast pace, the variety, etc. I started taking it easy. Chest and back doing between 10 and 15 reps for pull-ups and push-ups (I was not able to do a few of the exercises, maybe because I've never done any of them my entire life - military and diamond push-ups for example. And I did all the pull-ups with a chair). Plyo was great. Shoulders and arms I did a lot of repetitions with 5lb for all exercises. I thought would be a good idea to recondition my body to the movements and weights, but no problems there. Yoga was strange to me but I liked it. Some of the positions are really hard for me to do because I am not flexible at all, but I know it is a matter of time to get there. Legs and Back I did about half of the DVD and stopped. I felt like I was pushing too hard and was afraid of an injury. Kenpo was amazing! A little awkward at first, always of balance but I think I did OK. I think I've never sweated that much.

I have very strong legs but exercises like the wall squats kill me really fast. I can push 800lb on a Leg Press without problem, but resistance is not my deal. Biceps and triceps too. I can do a lot of weight with lots of repetitions but I need more than a few seconds between exercises.

I did Chest and back again today (2nd week). The problem is that I am doing less repetitions than last week. I was dead after 30 minutes. Laying on the floor asking someone to take me out of my misery... ahahahhah

How can that be explained? Any ideas/suggestions?
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Maybe it was the adrenaline rush of starting again, where now you're in the 2nd week that wore off a little. In week 2, did you start doing more early in the disc and then fade? For me personally, week 1 was tough and had to watch sometimes twice before doing moves and some were awkward. In the 2nd week I don't think I did much more, just got more used to it. Maybe you're going from move to move quicker the 2nd time around and that's draining you quicker. It was in week 3 where I got comfortable and started seeing increases. I'd just keep plugging away.
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Hi Kts79

Congratulations on making the commitment to your health and fitness with P90X.

In regards to fading in week 2 .... how are you doing with your nutrition? I have not personally had a gastric bypass. However, I have known people that did have that surgery
and they were limited in how much food they can consue at one time. Do you have those limitations? I know you said your surgery was back in 2004 ... I do not know what your Doctor recommends for eating (how much food? how often etc).

What time of day are you working out? Some people do best in the morning while others do best in the afternoon? Have you changed your workout time from week1 to week 2?

How are you doing with water and sleep? These two factors can affect your workouts.

In regards to wall squats vs leg press ..... two different exerecises. It is like comparing apples and oranges.

Please remember the people in the DVDs are P90X grads. So you MODIFY as necessary.

Keep track of what weight you are using and the number of reps (there are sheets online and in your book). You will see when you are making gains. I would add an up arrow so I knew when I needed to up my weights ... meaning sometimes I would do 15 reps with 10 pound weights ... well if I barely made the last rep i would not increase my weight but when I could easily make it to 15 then I would ad the up arrow so I knew next time to increase my weight.

Are you striving for 8 - 10 resp or 12 - 15 reps?

Also what are you consuming after you workout?

I know there are many questions but I need a little bit more info to get a better picture.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to helping you reach your health and fitness goals!

persist! Endure! Prevail!

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