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Average weight loss per workout phase for p90x?
I'm curious what everyone's average weight loss was per p90x phase? I'm sure it's a safe assumption that the most weightloss occurs in phase 1 (weightloss phase). I guess I'm mainly curious about everyone's weight loss in phase 2 and 3?
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RE: Average weight loss per workout phase for p90x?
8/28/11 5:15 AM as a reply to Pjj365.
Hello! Actually some people experience more lost in the later months because that first month your body is building muscle to burn fat and even though some awesome changes are happening to the body, it doesn't affect the scale that much since muscle weighs more than fat. I lost about 8 lbs the first month and between month 2 and 3 lost the remaining 27 lbs. Of course this is my personal experience and everyone will have a different response to this questions.

Good luck and let me know if I can help out in any way.

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