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CLX/Rockin' Body Hybrid Schedule--Opinions?
I like the idea of ChaLEAN Extreme but I don't much care for the cardio and ab workouts that come with the program. So I've decided to attempt to modify it by swapping out the Burn Intervals, Burn it off! and Ab Burner workouts for ones from another Beachbody DVD set I also happen to own--Shaun T's Rockin' Body.

The schedule I intend to try follows the normal ChaLEAN Extreme schedule, except that in place of Ab Burner, I do Rockin' Abs (the ab workout from Rockin' Body, which is done standing rather than laying on the floor, which is why I like it better). In place of Burn It Off!, I do one of the shorter dance workouts from Rockin' Body (one of the two 30-35 minute ones), in place of Burn Intervals I do Rock it Out! which is a 45 minute workout in Rockin' Body that follows the old ideology of doing aerobic workouts with light weights for high reps, and on tuesday (which is normally an off day) I do Shaun T's Dance Party, the 45 minute all cardio workout from RB.

Another option would be to nix Rock It Out! from the mix and go with Shaun T's Dance Party on that day as well.

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