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Wrist support during pushups?
Hey all, an issue I've had for the longest time with certain workout moves (noteably push ups and any other workout that has your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders) is that my wrists start hurting from holding my weight. I always try to maintain proper form, assuming that if I'm in the right form that I won't feel the pressure on my wrists, but this hasn't helped. I know know KNOW I can do more pushups (not on my knees) if I can just get the pressure off my wrists. Any suggestions?
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RE: Wrist support during pushups?
2/2/12 7:55 AM as a reply to KateMWilson.
Well, I managed to talk to a friend of mine who happens to be a trainer IRL and decided to post his response in case anyone else was coming across the same issues. The issue I'm having with my wrists is their flexibility and strength. He suggested getting pushup bars or doing the pushups on my knuckles (So that my hands are in a fist.) Unfortunately, the knuckle stance doesn't work your wrist strenght as much and that is what I need to build up to be able to do push ups comfortably. So what I decided to do was try to do as many pushups as I can in a traditional stance, but when I feel my writs crying out before my arms do I'll switch positions so that I'm using my knuckles instead.

Hope this helps anyone else who came across this issue emoticon
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