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Fitness Challenge Ideas
Fitness Challenge Ideas
beachbody bb health and fitness challenge ideas workout hours
2/21/12 3:48 PM
Hello!! I am the health and fitness representative at my branch at my Credit Union. I have a group starting Turbo Fire this sunday but I'd like to have another challenge going for those who weren't interested in Turbo Fire for whatever reason. I'm trying to keep it flexible and open by having one beachbody challenge and one non-bb challenge going at the same time. So far the only thing I could think of was who can log the most workout hours for a month. But i'd like some more suggestions.

We have about 18 people working here at this branch and we have about half under ager 30 and the other half over age 40.

Thank you for any suggestions you have.
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RE: Fitness Challenge Ideas
2/22/12 4:46 AM as a reply to DominiqueRogers.
Meekee - I don't know if you're still interested, but here are a few ideas off the top of my head:

Weigh everybody beforehand and then after a month or so weigh them again and then see who's lost the most weight EXPRESSED AS A PERCENTAGE OF THEIR STARTING WEIGHT. It may not be the person who's lost the most pounds.

Do something similar with heart rate. Have everybody count their BPM before a certain routine (Plyometrics should work!) and then count their BPM after the routine. Prize goes to the person with the lowest BPM. You could also express that as a percent decrease from the original number.

Then there are the usual "who-can-do-the-most" or "who-can-lift-the-heaviest" type contests. Who can do the most push-ups? Who can do the most push-ups in one minute?

Who can increase the number of reps of a given exercise by the greatest percentage of their starting number in a given period of time? This would probably be a very reasonable variation but it would give preference to people who couldn't do very many reps at the beginning. If somebody started out only being able to do 2 reps (pull-ups, for example) and then at the end of a month they were doing 6 or 8, they'd score much higher than somebody who started out doing 8 and then increased to 10 or 12. This would really encourage those people who struggled at the beginning.

If I come up with anything else I'll PM you again.
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