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How long does each P90X Workout take?
I'm currently completing Power 90 and am trying to decide whether to go with Power 90 Masters Series or P90X after completing Power 90.

One big concern I have is the time issue of P90X because I complete my workouts in the morning and would prefer not to get up before 5:00am.

So, how long does each Workout Session of P90X take from start to finish?

Thank you for your help.

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RE: How long does each P90X Workout take?
3/1/12 8:47 AM as a reply to TripleB67.
Congratulations on completing power 90!!! That's a great accomplishment....nice work!

As far as the times go, from warm up to warm down, the majority of the exercises last about 60 minutes. Yoga is about 90 minutes, which is by far the longest routine. Now, if you add in ab ripperX 3 days a week, you are adding 15 more minutes to your workouts if you decide to do it wither before or after a workout. Some folks perfer to break it up and do ARX in the morning and then workout in the afternoon or vice versa....purely a preferential choice!!

The best equation to total fitness results is NUTRITION + FITNESS + SUPPORT = SUCCESS!

Studies have shown that those who engage in support groups are more likely to succeed than those that do not. That being said, I co-moderate a message board thread with a group of great people who are currently doing P90X. The group is very supportive, motivated and knowledgeable. Questions like yours are asked on the thread all the time. The person asking the questions gets their questions answered quickly and correctly. The location of the thread is:

Stop by, check us out, if you like what you see, feel free to join in on the conversations. Its an open group and anyone can join in. Posting daily is a great way to hold yourself accountable!

I have sent a buddy request if you would like to talk about your nutrition further and hitting your proper caloric intake for maximum weight loss!

Have a great day and BRING IT every day!!!

Coach Frank
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RE: How long does each P90X Workout take?
3/1/12 8:51 AM as a reply to TripleB67.
chest and back 52:50
plyometrics 58:36
shoulders and arms: 59:53
Yoga X: 92:24
Legs and back: 58:56
Kenpo X: 55:46
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