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nutrition question
nutrition question
3/30/12 5:12 PM
So I apologize for the length of this email up front. I start Insanity on Monday. I am 43, 6 feet tall, and weigh 256 lbs.

I am confused about what meal plan I should follow during Insanity. The Elite Nutrition book that came with Insanity tells me to use Benedict’s Equation to figure my basal metabolic rate. So I do all the calculations:

66+(6.23 x 256) + (12.7 x 72) – (6.8 x 43) 66 + 1601 + 914 – 292 2581 – 292 = 2289 BMR

If I read on it tells me to multiply the BMR x a # for level of activity. I chose moderate (what it suggested for Insanity) so I multiplied the BMR x 1.55, which equals 3548. It goes on to say that to lose weight subtract 500 calories, so that takes it down to 3048. If I divide that out by the 5 meals they suggest it comes out to 610 calories per meal give or take. Right now I am shooting for 1670 calories a day, which is what My Fitness Pal told me to go with. There is such a large difference in these two numbers… Just want a little guidance on the route I should go.

Thanks - Duane
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