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Correct form for Insanity video
Correct form for Insanity video
insanity fom
4/20/12 2:02 PM
Throughout the Insanity workouts it is hammering home that you need to make sure you have the correct form when doing the exercises. Sometimes things are moving so fast and trying to keep up, it is hard to see what the correct form should be for an exercise to make sure I am doing it correctly. I think it would be beneficial to have a "Proper Form" video made taking it slowly through where your hands and feet should be; what direction you, your hands or feet should be facing; what is important to avoid; where you should be feeling it if you are doing it correctly. I just finished day 18, and it seems like every day I see something in a certain exercise that I didn't see before that helps my workout. Like my fingers should be pointing toward my feet on triceps dips. I had them pointing away from me before and it made a huge difference in the way the exercise felt. Some people like to listen to their own music while doing the workouts and my not hear everything Shaun T is explaining. I think it would help people to have a more effective workout and also a safer one!

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