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5 Ways to Make Mom’s Day
5 Ways to Make Mom’s Day
recipe brunch
9/17/12 4:53 PM
Is a Mom's to-do list ever done? Well, for at least one day of the year, help your mom to forget about all of those projects and errands and other items she's got to check off, and help her to stop and smell the roses. Or lilies. Or whatever flowers you picked up for her. You did remember to pick up flowers…right?

If your mom doesn’t live nearby and/or you’re looking for a healthy last-minute gift idea–that you can immediately email to her-you can’t go wrong with a Team Beachbody eGift Cards.

1. Forgo The Fancy Restaurant
Taking your mom out for Mother's Day brunch is a great idea…until you try and make a reservation, or find a parking spot, or have to contend with an overpriced prix fixe menu. Your mom deserves better. Instead, dazzle her with the ultimate Mother's Day brunch, catered by you! Here's how:

Prep the Centerpiece
If you picked up flowers for your mom, use this as the centerpiece. Fill a vase with cold water and add a few ice cubes. Remove all of the leaves that would touch the water, and trim the bottoms of the flower stems diagonally before arranging them in the vase.

Be the Brewmaster
First, brew her a cup of tea or coffee that she can sip on as you cook. Or, if you have an artisan coffeeshop nearby, pick her up a caffeinated or decaffeinated latte, cappuccino, or tisane. It's a little luxury that she'll appreciate that won't break the bank.

Cook a Healthy Meal
No mom wants to think about dieting on Mother's Day, but enjoying a healthy brunch will give her more energy to enjoy the day's other activities. For a satisfying meal, select one or both sides and one main dish from the list below.

Side: Greek Yogurt Parfait
In this protein-packed parfait, the sweet berries balance the Greek yogurt's tang.

Side: Avocado Toast
Avocados are full of heart-healthy fats and when combined with whole-grain toast, like Ezekiel, they create a side that's full of nutrients and flavor. Add a pinch of espellete pepper (available at most spice shops or gourmet groceries) for a gourmet flair and a touch of smokiness.

Meal: Egg White Omelet with Kale and Mushrooms (source: Tastepotting)
Eggs are such a great breakfast or brunch food. Heat up organic, cage-free eggs in a skillet, add some kale and sauteed mushrooms and you'll have a filling dish that won't leave anyone weighed down.

Meal: Yogurt with Quinoa, Dates, and Almonds (source: Food 52)
If your mom has a sweet tooth, the dates in this recipe are sure to satisfy it in a healthy way. The nuttiness of the red quinoa and brightness of the lemon zest balance out the dish, which may just become a brunch staple for you and your mom.

Meal: Roasted Salmon Rosettes with Pistachio Crudo (source: A Stack of Dishes)
If you're even a little adventurous in the kitchen, try this recipe. It's quick and easy, but it will surely impress your mom. After all, when was the last time you presented a dish to her with "crudo" in the name? Ever?

2. Get Active Outside Together
More than likely, all your mom really wants on Mother's Day is to spend some relaxed time with you. And what better way for her to feel like you're wholly focused on her than by enjoying a walk, run, or hike together? Find a local trail, pretty walking path, or just get out in the neighborhood and enjoy the spring air as you catch up. Not sure where your closet hiking trail is? can help you find a good one.

3. Treat Her to Yoga…
As we age, we can lose our flexibility if we don't exercise and stretch regularly. This can lead to pain, stiffness, and injury. To help prevent your mom from experiencing these issues, introduce her to yoga with Beachbody’s Yoga Booty Ballet or by attending a local, entry-level yoga class together. Yoga is a gentle way to rehabilitate the body and reduce stress levels. Plus, studies have shown yoga can even help reduce the appearance of cellulite! She'll leave class relaxed in both mind and spirit.

4.Or to Tai Cheng
Another fantastic low-impact exercise program that will also help re-introduce your mom to exercise is Tai Cheng. The program will help your mom begin to explore new ranges of motion without pain and loosen her tight muscles and joints. It's also a great stepping stone to get her into more intense forms of exercise from tennis and running to P90X and INSANITY!

5. Do Something Different!
Sure, brunches and massages are standard Mother's Day fare, but that doesn't mean that's what you have to do with your mom. In fact, she might love that you surprise her by introducing her to an activity you love or you or her has always wanted to try. What about horseback riding, canoeing, or even archery? Not only will these unexpected activate her body, they'll also lead to a fun and memorable day.

Tell us: Which idea is your favorite? And, what are you planning to do with your mom this Mother's Day?
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RE: 5 Ways to Make Mom’s Day
5/11/12 10:19 AM as a reply to Croftraider.
And another option...give a tribute gift in honor of your mom to Pathfinder International or just send an ecard letting a special mom in your life know how important you think maternal and newborn care is!
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