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Shakeology vs. Protein Powder & Multivitamin
Hi everyone!

I am new to the Team Beachbody website, but have dabbled in various Beachbody workouts. I am currently on my second round of Insanity and am contemplating incorporating Shakeology. But, I am hesitant because of the cost, and since I don't know what it tastes like. I have been doing a meal replacement (Syntha-6) for the past three months now and take a multi-vitamin (Women's Green from GNC) everyday.

So, is it better to do Shakeology instead of my protein powder+multivitamin? From what I've read, it sounds like Shakeology is like a "liquid vitamin" so really Shakeology would be like combining what I'm doing now in one step, no? Thing is, doing Syntha-6 plus my vitamin is cheaper per month than doing a month's worth of Shakeology; is it worth the money? And does it taste as good as Syntha-6? How do I do a sample first? Or even the 3-day cleanse?

I am aiming to drop 30 pounds by October (for my birthday emoticon ) and will be starting Chalean Extreme in July, after Round 2 of Insanity. And I am DETERMINED to get it done!

Any feedback would be helpful, especially if you've tried Syntha-6 before as well to help with a taste comparison!
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RE: Shakeology vs. Protein Powder & Multivitamin
5/13/12 10:13 AM as a reply to supersuko.
Hello Super and welcome! emoticon

First off...congrats on finishing one round of insanity, and to see you have made the turn to round two! Awesome!

Second..Yes Shakeology can seem pretty costly..BUT take a look at what you are getting with that (vitamins/minerals, eliminate toxins, lower cholesterol, aids in weight loss etc...

As you said before you are already using Syntha-6, nothing wrong with it, but the cost for that is pretty high as well..around $35.00 for a 2.5 tub and at least $70 for 5lb, and thats cause its on sale at the moment. Only reason I know this, is because I have a friend whos wife works at GNC. lol. So taking that into consideration..Your Syntha + Womens Green Vitamins(depending on what size I should mention) are well over $100..So I would suggest shake-o because it has all of those essential vitamins/minerals as well as protein you already have!

As far as a sample..message me, and Ill see what I can do for ya emoticon

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