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Insanity Calories: Should I follow the Book or Website Calculator?
Any yet another calorie question! What fun! I'll try to keep it short:

I've posted before regarding calories and P90X/2, but I am still at the same weight I was at the beginning of the program. This is my own fault--school has stressed me out beyond belief this semester, and my weekend habits attempted to make me feel better. Not great, but it is what it is. I can definitely tell that I gained muscle, and parts of my body are more toned, but there is still fat to lose.

To try to break out of our rut, my husband and I bought Insanity. Now, the fact that I can do this program at all has be rather proud of myself--I have asthma, but within this first week of the workouts, I'm keeping up and doing pretty darn well. However, I still want to lose weight!

So here is the question: I am 5'7" and seem to weigh anywhere from 155-159 depending on the day. According to the book, to lose weight I should eat around 2100. The Beachbody calculator seems to want me to eat 1700 if I "Have A lot of Weight To Lose" (I don't know, my goal weight is 140ish. Doesn't seem like a lot), or 1900 if I just have a few pounds to lose. I decided to split the difference down the middle and eat 2000 this week. Some days though, I've been pretty hungry all day despite eating this much. I should also mention that I do Irish step dance once a week, though it's only an hour class and it's not super active. Occasionally I ride my bike or take a walk in the afternoons.

So which should I follow? I can't see any obvious results quite yet, though of course this is only the first week and I'm still pushing through the last papers for school (I really hope that being done with this semester might help my body out-I've been doing my darnedest to follow the ratios in the meal planner, and am planning on really sticking to them when I no longer have to deal with school junk). Any insight anyone could give me would be most welcome! Thank you!
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RE: Insanity Calories: Should I follow the Book or Website Calculator?
5/12/12 11:54 AM as a reply to ivorystorm16.
Using the BMR calculator (Harris benedict, same as Insanity nutrition guide) I have you at 2365 for maintenance calories. Let's round off to 2400 since you do extra activities. If you want to drop body fat a 'safe' deficit of about 20% would be optimal.

That puts you at about 1920 calories. If you'd like to, you can round down to 1800 and see how your body reacts, or keep it at 1900 if you're hungry. But that's definitely the zone I'd shoot for to comfortably lose fat.

Glutamine is a nice supplement to take while on Insanity to keep yourself anabolic (avoiding burning muscle up with all the cardio).

As far as fat loss, 3 veggie servings a day (50 calories each or 4oz), half your body weight at LEAST in ounces of water, and 8 hours of rest are 'extremely' crucial in the process. Hit those calories, stick with the above recommendations, and track your progress weekly with a caliper (not a scale) and I'm sure you'll see amazing results.

Eating consistently and tracking with a caliper will tell you what's working and what isn't. Also make sure you drink that recovery drink after a workout! The last thing you want is to lose muscle while burning those calories! Get some glutamine if you can as well!
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Hi Jacob, thank you for the thoughtful reply! For the formula you followed, I assume you used the 1.55 multiplication and not 1.7? I think I may have done 1.7 when I calculated it because I figured I was doing six days of intense exercise plus the dance class and biking. It gets confusing to know what to do so quickly! I'll give 1900 a try and see how I deal with it. If I'm intensely hungry like I have been, is it worth it to eat a little extra, or do I suck it up and deal with it? =)

If you have any recommendations for a good glutamine supplement, I'd appreciate the advice. If anything else gets more complicated the calories for me, it's pick out supplements from amongst the hundred out there-yikes!

Thanks again for your advice and I'll give it a go!
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Oh, and one more question! Do you recommend dropping calories on rest days? Oddly enough I found that on the day I did cardio recovery, I was hungrier than I had been all week! My husband found this too...
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