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Tell us your playlist!
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Tell us your playlist!
5/11/05 10:40 AM
When you're pushing play, what do you play?
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/11/05 10:40 AM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
With the advent of MP3 players and burn-it-yourself CDs, it's become silly-easy to create your own wicked jam to rock to when working you.

We'd like to know your playlist. That is to say, tell us a great selection of songs to listen to when working out. For now, it's just sharing for fun, but if the responses are good, I'm sure we'll work some t-shirt give-aways into it.

Only one big rule, stick to music that the average joe can pick up at the music store, or through Napster or iTunes. Also, a title and a little explanation would be nice.

For example:

The Heavy Wall of Sweat Mix

Given I played football in highschool, I learned to work-out to pump-you-up rock. Thick, guitar-heavy, head-banging stuff. I'm going out on a limb here for you guys, because I normally don't admit to listening to Def Leppard in mixed company.

1. Hey, Johnny Park! - The Foo Fighters
2. Pumping on your Stereo - Supergrass
3. Photograph - Def Leppard
4. Hair of the Dog - Nazareth
5. Sex-O-Matic - Macy Gray

(I know, I know, but you need a funk break from time to time.)

6. Pride and Joy - Coverdale Page
7. Ah! Leah! - Donnie Iris
8. Fly Away - Lenny Kravitz
9. Rock Candy - Montrose
10. Cherub Rock - Smashing Pumpkins

Whachya got for us, fellow babies?
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/11/05 11:59 AM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
I'm loving this thread because I MUST have music on when I'm working out. I have way too many to mention, but here are a few that are my favs:

1. Let's Get Loud - Jennifer Lopez
2. Disco Inferno - 50 Cent
3. I'm Real - Jennifer Lopez
4. Move Your Body - Nina Sky
5. Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child
6. Filthy & Gorgeous - Scissor Sisters
7. Whatcha Waitin' For - Gwen Stefani
8. Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
9. Fuego - Kumbia Kings
10. Bring 'Em Out - T.I.
11. Hate Me Now - Nas

One more Jennifer Lopez song...
12. Waiting for Tonight Remix by Jennifer Lopez.

I know, I know, your probably thinking Jennifer Lopez? What's wrong with her? These are actually good workout songs. Try 'em out!

I'll post more as they come to mind.

Salsasteph emoticon
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/11/05 12:42 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
oh fun! emoticon i guess my mix is girlier but i really like a strong beat. emoticon

1. Tarantula - The Scabs (ladies, this is THE song to get yourself in the mood to work out-or just to feel sexy. a little salsa and a whole lot of fun) emoticon
2. Disease - Matchbox 20
3. Shake Your Tailfeather - Nelly, P.Diddy
4. Amphetamine - Eve 6
5. Staring at the Sun - The Offspring
6. Let's Go - Trick Daddy
7. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy - Big & Rich
8. Lean Back - Terror Squad
9. Girls & Boys - Good Charlotte
10. Headsprung - LL Cool J
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/11/05 1:53 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
Ooo I love this.

Here is my current playlist:

1. Life - Alive (from Tomb Raider sountrack)
2. Na Na Hey Hey - Bananarama
3. Money Love - Neneh Cherry
4. Sad But True - Metallica
5. Music - Madonna
6. I Love Rock N Roll - Joan Jett
7. ****** in the Bushes - Oasis (naughty first word so I * out)
8. Leave Me Alone - Natalie Imbruglia
9. I Am Thin and Goregous - Junior Vasquez remixing excerpts for British TV show Absolutely Fabulous
10. Missing - Everything But the Girl
11. Shock to the System - Billy Idol
12. Northern Star - Melanie C.
13. Get Your Freak On - Missy Elliott & Nelly Furtado (Tomb Raider Soundtrack)
14. Absurd - Fluke (Tomb Raider sountrack)
15. 100% Pure Love - Crystal Waters
16. Rock DJ - Robbie Williams
17. Scream (If you Wanna Go Faster) - Geri Halliwell
18. Deeper & Depper - Madonna
19. Supermodel - RuPaul
20. Ray of Light - Madonna
21. Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks

Ok, as you can tell, I'm a little partial to Tomb Raider. It has some good techno stuff on there. Love my girl Madonna. She always gives me something good to workout to. But I am particularly fond of the Junior Vasquez mix of "I am Thin and Goregeous." It's sort of my affirmation just set to music emoticon
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/11/05 2:04 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
Ha! I love this new thread because I was just thinking about posting a similar one!

I love music and listen to it all the I DJ on the college radio station and even just DJ'd my sister's wedding!

When picking songs to work out to, I go by two rules:
1) Songs that have a SUPER STRONG beat and are so infectious I *have* to dance/be active.
2) Songs that make me feel totally elated when I listen to them so that I create an energy (if they don't have a heavy beat)

Thus, I bring you two lists!

- Don't Stop the Beat Mix - 45minutes

[1] What You Waiting For - Gwen Stefani
[2] Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
[3] Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue
[4] Get Yourself High (Relay Rub) - Chemical Brothers
[5] Electric Barberella - Duran Duran
[6] Danger! High Voltage - Electric Six
[7] What I Like About You - The Romantics
[8] Hey Ya! - Outkast
[9] Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Daft Punk
[10] Toxic - Britney Spears
[11] Apache - Sugar Hill Gang
[12] Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode
[13] Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones

~ Elated Mix~
{1} A Life Less Ordinary - Ash
{2} Everlong - Foo Fighters
{3} Regret - New Order
{4} Temptation - New Order
{5} Parade - Garbage
{6} Pounding - The Doves
{7} Let Forever Be - Chemical Brothers
{8} Ghost - Neutral Milk Hotel
{9} Holland 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel

Will try to post back again with working iTunes links for both!

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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/11/05 7:48 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
Hey Everyone...

You will find that my playlist is abit strange...I listen to this when I workout with Tony and the Kids.

1. Lose My Breathe-Destiny's Child
2. Lady Marmalade-Christina, Pink, Lil' Kim, & Mya
3. American Woman-Lenny Kravitz
4. Lick It Up-Kiss
5. Shout It Out Loud-Kiss
6. "Hell Yeah" Stone Cold Steve Austin's Theme Song
7. Smooth-Santana & Rob Thomas
8. All Fired Up-Pat Benatar
9. Roll'n-Limp Bizkit
10. Enter The Sandman-Metallica
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 6:27 AM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
1) space jam or hit 'em high - space jam soundtrk (don't knock it til you try it)
2) hollaback girl - gwen stefani
3) headstrong - trapt
4) work it - nelly
5) love me just a little while - janet jackson

i like songs that sound good but more so for their lyrics:

We want it all (want it all!)
Unstoppable, we run the floor (run the floor!)
You can't take none of this hardcore (hardcore!)
You ain't seen nothin' like this before

you can't help but get energized by this song. i loves it
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 7:40 AM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
mine's easy - just two discs - World Wide Message Tribe & then a techno mix that my hubby put together for me...very fast music - so great to workout to.

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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 8:59 AM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
OK I'm game.

I subscribe to Sirius satellite radio, and the station known as "Faction" works well for me. It's a heady brew of hard rock, punk and hip-hop.

But, if I were to compile a playlist for myself, it would look something like the following:

Prodigy - Smack my ***** Up
Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing
Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats
Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
Sex Pistols - Anarchy in the UK
Prodigy - Diesel Power
Propellerheads - Take California
Rage Against the Machine - Testify
Velvet Revolver - Slither
Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker
Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid
LL Cool J - Jack the Ripper

That's all I can think of for now...
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 9:12 AM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
Alright, there are a lot of songs that I've never heard of...I'm gonna have to try 'em out.

Fishstik - I agree with you on:
Let's Go - Trick Daddy & Headsprung by LL. Forgot about those!

Meg C. - I REALLY like Move Your Feet!! Great choice!!

learn_peace - I feel you on the Space Jam son plays that song in his room and I can't help but dance in there when he's playing it! He just shakes his head and laughs! emoticon

OH, I ALMOST FORGOT!!! What about Baby I'm A Star by Prince? Can't forget about Prince!!!

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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 3:14 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
I have a simple cd i play its a remix the first 5 songs from the cd - sarah mcahlan REMIX. It has all her songs but they have been amped up by dj's like tiesto and others made her songs great for movement. I can really work out to them i also use the cd to do my run has a great beat before i know it ive ran for 48 to 49 minutes and wow im done.
sculpt days i love justice for all Metallica cd. or linken park.
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 3:46 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
UM- the background music that you get when you select "music on" before the workout starts! emoticon emoticon---When my daughter worked out with me, we listened to all kinds of stuff. But, I never think about it. You have all given me some good ideas. Maybe it will help with the workout!

Steph-World Wide Message Tribe--Sounds familiar--Christian band?? "We Talk, Talk, Talk to the Lord" Is that them? Or am I way off base?? If I'm right, I had a (this will date it) cassette of them some years back!
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 4:05 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
My list will probably be a little odd to most of you since I only saw a few artist that I even recognized. I like classic rock, southern rock, heavy metal & country. This is my current list that I am listening to as I work out. It changes every couple of weeks.

Gimme 3 steps, Simple man, Mr. Banker, Whats your name, That smell by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Wake up older by Julie Roberts

Figured you out & Throw yourself away by Nickel Back

Enter Sandman, Wherever I may roam, Nothing else matters by Metallica

I love this bar & Whiskey girl by Toby Keith

There for the party & Redneck woman by Gretchen Wilson

The angels & Skin deep by Melissa Ethridge

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

Devil went down to Georgia by Charlie Daniels

Waters Edge & Cumbersome by Seven Mary Three

Bad religion & Voodoo by Godsmack

Bad day by Fuel

That is my current list. I like to mix it up to keep me going.
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 4:26 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
When I read down this thread I have to admit that I have never heard of some of these songs! So I thought I would give my choices anyway. I love Surfing with the Alien by Joe Satriani, InStep by Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ah Via Musicom by Eric Johnson, and when I really need a push anything by Jimi Hendrix!

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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 7:25 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
Here's my choice of music

Black Velvet- A. Miles

I'm Real- Jennifer Lopez

Redneck Woman- Gretchen Wilson

Hold On- Wilson Phillips

My give a da** busted- JoDee Messina

Toxic- Britney Spears
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 8:43 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
So, most of you all have mentioned songs that you like to play during your workouts. I guess i went a little overboard one day, because I actually sat through and picked out songs that worked for each part of my workout. Guess I was really bored that day emoticon Anyway, for p90 sculpt days.. I just go with music that I like and pumps me up. But on sweat (3/4) days I play these in order, and they slow down or speed up in time for each of the different movements!

The Widow by The Mars Volta
Less is More by Joss Stone

Those basically cover the stretch and power yoga part!

Raise the Roof by 2 Live Crew
Get Out of my Life Now from the Swordfish Soundtrack
Dragula by Rob Zombie
Bubble Pop Electric by Gwen Stefani

That takes you through the fast cardio and X-work.

Canned Heat by Jamiroquai
Hey Mama by The Black Eyed Peas
We've got a Long Way to go by Gwen Stefani and Andre 3000

Gets you through kicks and punches.

By Your Side by Sade
For the cool down and stretch

Then normally I just let my winamp player keep playing other songs for the ab workouts. Usually I'll have JLo's "I'm Real" and Get Right" and "It Feels So Good" by Sonique or other fast songs that get you pumped up!

Kinda detailed, but it was worth it for me. I always know what movement is coming up by the song I'm on and I can basically work out without paying too much attention to the TV which can get old after doing the same workouts for so long emoticon

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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/12/05 10:10 PM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
Hey all - just wanted to add my two cents! I'm definitely into mixed CD's when workin out with Tony! I am all about the techno music when workin out. It really gets me pumped!!

For Cardio: I have a downloaded CD of Paul Oakenfold's (techno fans will know who I'm talkin about) live show from Sydney, Australia a few years back. It is one continuous 54 minute track...

For Sculpt: Another mixed CD:

1) Daft Punk: Around the World
2) Eifel 65: I'm Blue
3) Madonna: Hey, Mr. DJ
4) Alice DeeJay: Better Off Alone
5) ?: Brooklyn Bounce/Get Ready to Bounce
6) Eifel 65: Move Your Body
7) Amber: The Way I Feel is Sexual
8) Sonique: Take Me High
and to finish it off, a non-techno classic:
9)The Police - So Lonely

sweetbaboo913 : I am totally with you on the techno and on the Tomb Raider soundtrack! I own and I LOVE it.
"Ray of Light" and "Music" are both killer songs! "Missing" is a great 90's dance hit! And who couldn't love Bananarama! HA!!

7. Smooth-Santana & Rob Thomas

Great freakin song!!


Prodigy - Smack my ***** Up
Rage Against the Machine - Testify
Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid

Some great f*ckin songs!

Keep crushin it everyone!

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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/13/05 7:55 AM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
Are you kiddin' me? Anyone who is anyone knows that the perfect match for's workouts have got to be the Beach Boy's. I like their greatest hits album since it's got all the favorites you've grown to know and love. Not only that, it gets you in the spirit of summer, fun, fast cars and good lookin' people!! Plus, you just feel good listening to those tunes! They're the best and so are you!

Now, push play to save the day!!

Kip Cummings

PS: There is a transcendent power in example. We reform others unconsciously when we walk uprightly.

Anne Sophie Swetchine
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RE:Tell us your playlist!
5/13/05 8:41 AM as a reply to AdStaffDenis.
Wow, I love seeing what everyone else listens to!
This is going to show my age:
Especially for P90 sweat, I've always used
Janet Jackson: Rhythm Nation - just put the CD on and go. When a really slow one comes on, I just quickly hit skip.
Prince: Batman Soundtrack (FIRST one), or Prince and NPG: Diamonds and Pearls.
I saw someone mention Prodigy above, that's a great one! I've used MuchMusic Big Shiny Tunes CDs , which include:
Prodigy: Breathe
Blur: Song 2
Smash mouth: Walkin' on the Sun
Marilyn Manson: Beautiful People
Holly McNarland: Numb
Chemical Brothers (also mentioned above)

When I get a new computer (when pigs fly) I will DEFINITELY be doing what Jen Jen did - pick specific songs that go with sections in my workout! It happens accidentally with the Janet Jackson CD for me during kicks and punches on P90 sweat.

Keep this comin' people!
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