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On the 4th week of P90X anyone else?
After 3 weeks feel good but always critical of myself, I guess I'm just in a hurry. I do feel better than 3 weeks ago although dropping the alcohol and caffeine along with adding the new nutrition plan would do it on it's own. Anyone out there on the 4th week?
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RE:On the 4th week of P90X anyone else?
11/24/08 11:58 AM as a reply to gironnoah.
After 3 weeks I don't feel as worn as I did the first week. I feel I can do more (But I'm not) not that I can do everything on the DVDs some of those advance moves on YogaX are difficult as well as some of the stretching moves. I have to modify the jumping in polymetrics but's that's ok. My bar chin and pull up amounts aren't as high as I would like nor did I see any drastic improvement, but I'm patient for now. I do see results but I guess I'm just highly critical of myself.

Let me know where some of you are, if you're close to where I'm at. I am curious to know your comments and experiences.
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RE:On the 4th week of P90X anyone else?
11/26/08 6:56 PM as a reply to gironnoah.
Hi Darkknight,

I'm in the first recovery week right now. I can do a lot more of the workouts now than on week one; some really big improvements in most reps. Pullups are coming much more slowly, but a lot of this first month has been tear down time, not build up time.

I've already moved on to a higher carb diet and I feel very energized. I'm hungry almost all the time, as opposed to feeling like I had to force-feed myself at the beginning.

The more difficult yoga moves are still difficult, and some of them will always be difficult for me. I'm as flexible as a doornail! But that's improved a lot.

I get all the way through plyo now, but my calves do still burst into flame during the hotfoot! That's one I still can't finish!

I love the Core Synergystics workout and have trouble not laughing during the superman/banana move because my superman is sooooooo pathetic!

Drastic improvements? I suppose not. That's why it's not P21X!

KPP man!

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RE:On the 4th week of P90X anyone else?
12/2/08 11:24 AM as a reply to gironnoah.
I started recovery week on 30 November.

I decided to do Lean instead of Classic. If I get through Lean than I would move onto Classic.

In any case, I think that the benefit is mainly from trying the moves on the tapes. I am doing the worse in completing moves on Ab Ripper and Yoga. And I am slow on Kenpo. I really see the most benefit from Core Synergistics.

First time through Yoga it was 30% before I gave up, than 50%, then 80%. One Day 1 of Recovery week I got to 90% on Yoga. I really cannot imagine getting to 100%, the Crane I cannot imagine doing that.

One thing about Yoga it helps complete the other routines so I am getting more committed to it.

I also jog roughly 6 miles on Day 1 and Day 7 of the routines. I thought Legs and Back might worsen my jogging (by stressing the muscles) but instead it enhanced my jogging.

I have a waist measurmentt goal by 1 January which will be in the middle of Recovery week 2 we will see if I met it.
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