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ENGAGE with me 4 a round of P90X, Insanity, PUMP, BBL, or BEAST!!
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It doesn't matter which program, when you started, or what your fitness level is. We can all make those changes we want this Spring so we can be ready this SUMMER! Start by reading this first post, then get active on this board AND PUSH PLAY! There will be users of ALL programs, starting on DIFFERENT Days, and at different levels. We are ALL shooting for the same goal!


Then you are in the right place! Throw away all excuses and doubts! Instead decide to make a change! Commit to that change! Continue to challenge yourself to succeed! You can do this. I am here to help you along the way. So dig deep and together we will cross the finish line!

You may be new to the program or someone that has had to restart for some reason or another. You may have already started. It doesn't matter, all are welcome! Just come prepared to be engaged and challenged! We may all be here for different reasons, but one thing is for certain and that is that we are all in this together and we all can use a helping hand of support and motivation.

I've completed P90X, Insanity, Insanity:Asylum, improved my health, dropped over 20 pounds, lowered my body fat %, and feel healthier than I ever have.


Why are you doing this? Is it to loss 5 to 10 pounds, is it to impress someone, or is it to change your life? This is a life changing program and it is totally worth it and everything worthwhile is worth working for. To make sure that you get these life changes you should read through the Fitness and Nutrition guides from your respective programs to help you understand the steps necessary. Whatever your goals are now, I urge you to consider this a lifetime change, not just a 60 or 90 day challenge. Make fitness part of your life and you will forever be thankful and you will be a better partner, parent, person and be around for the ones you love.

If you want great results, then consider nutrition at least half of the battle. Nutrition plays a major role in how we reach our goals. Read the nutrition guide and follow the plan. You can prepare week by week or whole month at a time.

• Shakeology is a great way to get your nutrition started. As a meal or snack, all natural, chock full of vitamins and minerals, it can replace your multi-vitamin and get you started on the right path to eating right.

Nothing is more important than motivation. Times will get tough and there are going to be days that you feel like you cannot get up or you feel too tired at night to workout. This is where your coach and these boards help out. By joining this thread you will find like minded people that will push you and look for help from you to be pushed. This is a 60 day program and it helps to have not just your coach in your corner but a whole team ready to cheer you on and waiting for you to cheer them on.

Also Track your accomplishments:• Take your measurements
• Take your before and after pictures
• Take the fit test

I can't stress this part enough. It REALLY helps to see your progress! Get those measurements and pictures. You don’t have to share your pictures but the motivation that it provides to others is invaluable as you will see when others post their pictures.

WARNING: I know the first week of P90X/Insanity/Asylum were all VERY TOUGH. Fight your way through, do your best and things will get easier and better with time. Do your best and do what you can do, that's all you can ask for. You'll see poeple on the screen taking breaks. When you need one, you should take one. Catch your breath and jump back in.

All the workouts are intense! You need the right fuel to “Bring It!” and to "Dig Deep and Push!" and a pre-workout meal about an hour before is important. But be warned if you workout too close to the pre-workout meal you may lose it.

A Pre-Fuel can help if you do not have enough time to let your meal digest. Or, if you workout first thing in the morning, you can skip the meal but you may want to include a 1/3 of your recovery drink in to your water to make sure that you have enough energy to get through your workouts.

One of the most important part of any exercise routine is a recovery drink. I cannot stress how important this is. By adding a recovery drink immediately after your workout you will significantly decrease the amount of soreness you will experience while recovering from your workouts. Plus it replaces vital nutrients that you burned during your workout and prevents muscle damage. The P90X Results & Recovery Drink is a very good product and I highly recommend it.

Lastly post your Accountability Daily.
The message boards are a great way to meet others that are going through what you are going through and it helps stay accountable and motivated!

I look forward to getting to know you. I've met many great people in the other accountability groups that I have been a member of over the years. I want this group to be just as successful!

The message board and forums are a great way to meeting others that are going through exactly what you are and they will help you stay accountable and motivated as well, and you will keep them accountable and motivated! Everyone comes from different backgrounds and will be able to share tips and information that has helped them and could help you as well. The boards helped me tremendously through P90X and Insanity and I can tell you if we can get a group to stick through this together, we will all be better for it.

I look forward to taking this journey with you and getting to know you and watch you become the NEW YOU!
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Accountability Day 57 of my P90X/Insanity/Asylum Hybrid - Chest and Back

LOVE this workout! This kicks off my phase 3 of this schedule. It is the first time in a month that I have done this workout. Phase 2 helped me increase ALL of my numbers!

Breakfast was Banana, coffee with Almond Milk and Truvia, Shakeology

Half of Recovery Drink

Lunch was chicken Salad, crackers, carrots and grapes

Snack was fruit and Fage yogurt.

Still deciding on Dinner!

What did everyone eat today? how did you push your fitness forward?

Who just started Insanity, P90X, Asylum, BBL, or PUMP?

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@Coach Chad - Great forum you got here. A hybrid of 3 workouts, that seems quite intense, I only did Asylum and Insanity and I was burned from that.

-Coach Ajay
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RE: ENGAGE with me 4 a round of P90X, Insanity, PUMP, BBL, or BEAST!!
7/31/12 8:36 AM as a reply to CoachIonFreeZe.

Great thread coach!!!

You are working hard!!! That is awesome.

Way to set the example.

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Thanks Ajay!

I use P90X for my base, Insanity for my cardio during Phase 1, Asylum for cardio during Phase 2, and then mix it all together for the last month! It has been fun.

Jessica - thanks for stopping by! I might be hitting you up for some info on some of the programs you have completed! Great job.

today was Vertical Plyo from Asylum. This is a great workout. As ShaunT says, "You have to go down, to go up!" I may have to move my Asylum workouts back to my garage. The speed ladder makes a little too much noise with everyone sleeping.

How is everyone pushing their fitness forward today?

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How do you like Asylum?? I finished Insanity @ the end of June and I guess I need a little bit more of a variety when I workout because I was ready for it to be over during the last week. I am now in my 3rd week of the hybrid P90x/Insanity and I like it a lot better than doing Insanity by itself.
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Coach -- great new thread you are starting here...folks if you are looking for a thread to help motivate yourself and find answers to the questions you have...this is the place with a great coach.

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Morning all! Today was Shoulders and Arms from P90X. This is my favorite workout! My gains this round are great, for me. If you can wash your hair in the shower after this workout, you didnt push yourself!

CatAsh1 - I loved Asylum. It is only 30 days and works you hard. I like that there is some strength training incorporated into this routine. You should give it a try, if you have finished Insanity! Thanks for stopping by!

What is for breakfast?

Calorie goals...

We all know (or should) that nutrition is just as important as the workouts themselves. We have to treat food as fuel to live, and not just to quiet our rolling stomach.

I am no expert, but I have tried and failed at dieting for years. The first time I had sustained success was when I INCREASED my caloric intake. Of course I had to make sure I was eating good clean food. that mostly means to cut out a lot of condiments. I could eat a Ranch salad with a side of lettuce, in a heart beat. I had to learn to decrease those types of items.

I am now up to about 2500-2900 calories a day. Of course I need to exercise to make sure I burn it and ramp up my metabolism.

I try for about 400 calories averaged out 5 times a day. Once I started that, I was not hungry in between the big three meals and I was able to keep my hands out of the candy jar to 'hold me over'.

Working through Insanity, it being High Intensity Interval Training, my body kept chugging away for up to 4 hours AFTER the workout at burning fat.

It has to be a good fit, but cleaner eating, staying active, and spacing meals correctly will greatly increase your chance of success.

Sample Day

Coffee with Truvia and Almond Mik

Chocolate Shakeology with PB and Banana

Protein bar

chicken salad, wheat crackers(10), baby carrots, grapes

protein shake/bar

Fage Yogurt/Fruit

grilled chicken
steamed veggies/or soup

recovery drink...

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Morning all! Legs and Back from P90X for me this morning! Legs are such a big and strong muscle but it just seems to hurt so much to work them! emoticon

Football season is getting close. Who all loves football and who is your team?!

A word about Heart Rate. If you are doing some type of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) like TurboFire, Insanity, or Asylum, you really must have a heart rate monitor and you need to learn your heart rate zones!

As you work, you should work in your aerobic, threshold, or redline zones. To get the full effect of HIIT, you need to then recover down to your recovery zone. At least hit it for a second or two before jumping back into it.

If you have any questions, please ask!

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Morning all. Today was Pure Cardio from Insanity. I have actually grown to love this workout. It is a challenge to complete it every time!

Everyone has stumbling blocks to getting started!

Planning of my meals seemed like such a huge challenge before. There is so much info out there on what is good, what is bad, what is just OK. I really cut out a lot of the things I KNEW were not too good for me. I stopped all sodas, changed the type of milk, reduced the breads, went a little easier on the ketchup, lite mayo...etc... Once I did that, it all started to make sense.

I started and stopped P90X so many times, I can barely count. If I missed a couple of days, I felt like I should just start over. It always had to be a Monday, too. My reasoning was like this:

"Well, I missed this monday, I guess I will wait until next week to get started. Since I am going to start next monday, I should probably eat all of the nachos and ice cream I can this week. Uh-oh, another missed monday. I guess I should fill up on Oreos this week, since I will be starting next Monday!" It turned into a huge ridiculous cycle.

Once I found a thread like this and people were actually ASKING me how I was doing, it made it much easier.

Scheduling is always tough, though. I still fight with it. But just find 45 minutes or so and push play. I have a shelf in my closet with all of my workout gear. That way, I dont have the excuse of the time it takes to get ready. If I can walk past my shorts, shirt, and shoes, then I have time to put them on.

I can't wait to see this grow so we can all track our progress and cheer each other's accomplishments!

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Chad - I didn't notice that you started a new thread. Way to pay it forward and work toward ending the trend. For anyone looking for support, Chad is an awesome coach and you will be in good hands here. Get on board push play and get on your way to a better you.
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Thanks Coach Larry! It was your thread for accountability and support that started all of this for me.

I took yesterday off and took the kids to the movies before they start school back. I took my son running in the morning. He is trying to get faster for football. I am not the best runner, so I hope that I am helping and not hurting! ;)

I am so excited about starting PUMP. I have 3 weeks left in my hybrid, so I guess I better start ordering the PUMP!

Come meet up with me here and lets stay accountable everyday with your workouts! We have support for all!!

-Coach Chad
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Morning all! Strength from Asylum today!

truck is overheating....I hate car troubles... anyway

Has anyone gotten the new choc formula? There has been some backlash to the taste and TBB is working to address the concerns.

All, We are still looking for coaches to help push other people's fitness forward! If you are a Shakeology user, it should be a no-brainer to sign up as a coach to receive the monthly discount. It pays for itself in the first three months! Let me know if you want more info.

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Hi Chad,

I found the new thread. Glad to see you have it going.

I have managed to get past my food poisoning and only managed to miss two days of workouts. Eating got slightly off track for a day or so due to family visiting but am back on track now.

I will miss one day of workouts this week due to a trip to the beach. Summer is certainly a hard time to stay exactly on track. That said, I think I have to focus on the positives rather than the minor slip-ups or one day missed of workouts here and there.

I do have one tip for those doing Insanity that has helped me recently. When doing any Insanity exercise that is a standing exercise, if you bend slightly (very slightly) forward you will engage your core more and also avoid bending backward which can hurt your back.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the thread!

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Accountability Day 1 Insanity:Asylum / Speed and Agility

I decided to go a month with Asylum to burn off some extra before starting a new program like PUMP. My wife just started Turbo Jam today, as well, and wanted to give hare a chance to maybe start PUMP with me down the road.

I really love Speed and Agility. It wakes you up really good!!

Today was first day of school for us. We have a 6th grader and 1st grader. The 7 month old has some time to still hang out with mom!

how was everyone's weekend?

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Hey Mark - good to see you are getting better! I read that like 80% of the time you feel sick to your stomach, with no other symptom, it is usually food poisoning. That is scary. It makes you wonder what you are putting in your body, and how it was prepared, and by whom....etc...

Great tip about Insanity. My abs improved more with Insanity that P90X. I think it is due to form with the workouts, like you say. I watch some of the people in the video lean back when doing kicks and other routines, and it makes my back hurt just looking at it.

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Everyone remember to subscribe to the thread AFTER you post..
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hey everybody! glad to see everyone here on the new thread.

as mentioned, i have completed my second round of Insanity Saturday. i have to put P90X on hold because i will be traveling overseas and can't carry heavy/awkward equipment with me, so for now, i am going to do TurboFire. until i receive TF, i will be doing a mix of Insanity and Zumba.
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Moved over from old thread. I am nearing the end of my 2nd round of P90X. I follow the plan except that do Insanity Pure Cardio instead of Yoga and do Cardio X + 4 mile run instead of Kenpo.

Day 83 (173) Insanity Pure Cardio + Cardio Abs - Done.

Love love love that workout.. I wish I knew how many calories I burned each time. I don't think Ive ever sweated so much as I do when I do this exercise.. literally drip drip drip.. lol. So ive finished the 4th phase of training block 3. Have the recovery phase week left - but Im gonna play with it a little an mix in a bit more cardio and one upper body workout. Probably the P90X bicep workout.

Sonny - thanks for the encouragement! Im starting to think that if I want that last bit of fat to go away Im going to actually have to eat right more than 75% of the time which is where Im at.. I really have a difficult time with dinners and not having a burger.... or something fried on occasion or that dark beer. Maybe its a battle I won't win. Im reaching most of my goals though, I have abs now which is a lot more than when I started. My arms and shoulders are looking good and my back has that "V" shape to it. So Im really happy. How are you doing? I don't see you post every day like I do so Im not always sure where you are at on the workouts... Are you skipping anything? Following everything by the book? I know you do the yoga which Ive stopped doing (except the small amount in Cardio X). How about your goals.. are you reaching them?

Regarding your question on adding a bicep routine... I like it. I have added a bicep routine - but different than what you are describing. I bought a single 45lb. plate and on my weight training days (3 days a week) after I finish ARX I grab that plate and go up over my head and drop it behind my back then back over my head and down to my waist. 45lbs isn't much but after a full workout + ARX it doesn't take many reps before my arms are shaking.. I too like the idea of getting more mass in my arms and thought really working them 3 days a week in this fashion would be worth doing... your idea sounds good too and like something I might do in addition to what Im doing.

I have one week to plan my next routine.. Im still thinking that P90X with two insanity workouts (for the cardio) will be what I do.

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See your E-mail - i am here. accountability as follows.

Week 2 Day 1 of P90X-INSANITY hybrid - Chest n Back
Think i did better today than last week. Still struggling with pullups but managed to do 5 chin ups today so was pleased with this. I used 15ib (7.5kg) weights for lawn mawrs n pants but used 8ibs (4kg) for back flies. I kind of cheat with these - i
Kind of do them - i did them like Jillian Mivhaels does them im level 1 of 30 day shred if anyone has done this DVD you will know what I'm talking about.
I love the divers but I really need to stop focusing in on Tony doong them n concentrating on doing more haha but eh what's a female to do when there's Tony Horton moving like that? ;0)

Kkep prushing play ya'll we got this going on emoticon xxx

PS: good luck to everyone with your journey. Keep
Posting as you'll good good support here. Also Chad is a good coach n very helpful n supportive. These boards have helped me a lot especially when i had an injury got me through it n to graduate my Programme.
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