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HUGE BEAST- [Dedicated Republic] Open to All, Even P90x Beasters!
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HUGE BEAST- [Dedicated Republic] Open to All, Even P90x Beasters!
muscle results gain bulk mass body beast
3/4/13 7:52 AM
Hi everyone, I've recently completed 2 straight rounds of P90x having lost 35 lbs, and I have just finished my first round of Body Beast having put on 12 lbs of lean body mass!

I am 5' 10" tall. Now that I have trimmed a lot of fat, I want to get back to my passion for Body Building. I was so excited to learn of Body Beast while going through P90x. I started my Body Beast journey on August 20th, 2012. Feel free to join this thread no matter what time or phase that you start posting here! I say "Iron Sharpens Iron" so all newcomers will be welcomed.

Need help crunching the Body Beast calorie numbers? Then use my online calculator. Just enter select your Phase (Build, Bulk, Beast) and enter your bodyweight and bodyfat and everything gets calculated!

Body Beast Calorie Calculator [Dedicated Republic]

To hold myself accountable to this thread, my 2nd post is reserved for my progress pictures which I plan on taking once a week, so scroll down to my 2nd post to see how I'm doing.

You might also check out the Dedicated Republic website for informational videos. I know how to trim fat (thanks to P90x) and how to put on muscle mass (thanks to Body Beast).

A lot can happen in 9 months...

And in one year...

P90x Transformation (Feb 2012 - Aug 2012)


Next Challenge Group

I’m starting a Body Beast Challenge Group on March 11th for active duty and military veterans and their spouses! My best friend serving is serving in the Army is in Afghanistan and he will be in this group along with some of his soldiers, and we will also have the Marines represented in here as well.

If you are interested please e-mail me at

This will not be your ordinary challenge group as there are former drill instructors in here! This group is not for the faint of heart…EXCUSES WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and will be answered directly by quotes from “Full Metal Jacket.”

I am looking for the Nation’s finest to join me in BEASTING UP! I will post along side this group for motivation and do another full round of Body Beast! This is just the group I need to get motivated to hit my goals this summer as my cutting phase is about to begin!

If you are Active Duty (or spouse of active duty) please ask me about the Beachbody Military Discount! It’s even better than my coach’s discount! Let’s go!

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RE: HUGE BEAST, Starting 8/27/2012 [Team R-U Ripped]
1/29/13 8:34 PM as a reply to RBroussard.
Progress Pictures (check back weekly for updates)

I have set forth a weekly challenge to this thread in that those wanting the ultimate accountability post up a front pose picture once a week. I'm stepping out and reserving this 2nd post for my Weekly Challenge Pictures...How's that for dedication? Do you want to see your results change? Then join us and Post Up! Nothing will motivate you more in your nutrition and not cheating yourself on your workout than thinking about that picture you will post at the end of the me!

Robert - Day 0

This is also my Day 180 P90x. Had a hard cut this final week.

Robert - Day 07 - Already Gained 7 lbs

Most of this is probably water weight from the daily 10 grams of creatine...but follow this thread through to compare my first "Build: Chest and Tris" worksheet to my 2nd "Build: Chest and Tris" worksheet and see the difference eating > 3000 calories for the last 7 days has made...and by the way...I have posted everything I ate!

Robert - Day 14

I hear other people reporting of initially putting on a little bit of weight and then tapering off. Maybe I'm leveled out now...and will start the weekly slow gains. Worksheets definitely showing gains in strength. Ate clean all week and hit targets.

Robert - Day 20

I said a lot of "I don't knows!" tonight so I thought this pose would be appropriate for my weekly challenge update. Barely gained pound eating 3600 calories all this week! Unbelievable...I think I'm going to have to eat more food heading into the Bulk workouts. Body Beast also builds a strong jaw gentlemen.

Robert - Day 30

Putting in the work despite a hurt shoulder. I also replaced my morning protein shake with Shakeology and went up to 4000 calories, then started losing weight. I ended up grinding in oatmeal with the morning shake. So far I'm grinding 1 cup of Oatmeal with the Chocolate Banana Nutter recipe. I think I'm going to go up to 1.5 cups of oatmeal in the coming week (I have a lot of oatmeal left over from my P90x journey). I want to put on MMMMMAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!! Down 1 lb this week despite eating like a rabid dog and taking 2 off days between the Bulk Shoulders and Bulk Chest workouts.

Robert - Day 38

Weight is still hovering about the same as last week despite all that I am eating. I really fill like a slob eating all that I am eating, don't know where all these calories are going but my weight has pretty much stayed the same despite not being able to get in any lunch cardio workouts and taking my usual two days off between Bulk Shoulders and Bulk Chest, so I thought I would change things up and post a Back Flex Pose this week.

Robert - Day 49

So why not day 50? Well it's my rest day tomorrow. Still don't know where all these calories are going as I gained 1.5 lbs over the last 10 days, but all my worksheets have marked improvements over the previous week (I note improvements with a Box). Still forcing myself to eat even when I'm not hungry. "Whatever It Takes."

Robert - Day 60

Still eating like a horse and ended up eating 4000 to 4200 calories to get my weight up to 197 lbs. My strength has definitly improved and my worksheets clearly indicate this. I like to draw a box over any improvements I have in my worksheets as it motivates me to keep “Going Up Wit Da Weight!” MyDay 1 and Day 60 measurements are below…arms up 1.5 inches. Bulk phase end, Beast Mode begin, time to get infomercial ready!

Robert - Day 76

Lost a couple of pounds on this first week of Beast Phase. I dropped from 4000 calories per day to 2400 per day and went a little higher on protein. Going to up the protein a bit this week and then go on the Competition Plan diet for the final week. Will probably work on the tan a bit too!

Robert - Day 90

Kept on the Book of Beast recommendations for Beast Phase on the 2nd week and lost a few more pounds then I went on the Competition Plan diet for the last week, and wow...the weight dropped off! Body Fat dropped from 15% to 11%, and I finished on Day 90 at 190 lbs!

12 lbs of Lean Body Mass Gained!!

Now granted I lost good bit of water weight on the last few days, but I look heavier than 190 lbs! Definitely see the inch and a half gain in my arms. Body Beast is a Solid Program for increasing Muscle Mass and you will definitely get stronger in this program, just keep writing it down on your worksheets and keep boxing your improvements and the gains will come!





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RE: HUGE BEAST, Starting 8/27/2012 [Team R-U Ripped]
2/14/13 11:34 AM as a reply to RBroussard.

This video got me though my 1st brutal month of P90x...seriously...I watched this video almost every day of the first month. It was recommended to me by my brother in law...who is making a lot of positive changes to his life through fitness...becoming a fitness model.

This video may motivate the bodybuilder types (me).

The Best Motivation (fast forward to 28 second mark) [YouTube]

Jared Grossman of Muscle Prodigy [] put out this video and several other motivational videos and he has seen my result pictures, especially the first one with my motivational theme (also quoted below), so it was a nice surreal moment to personally thank him for putting out that video. Check out his website and other motivational videos.

My favorite quote in "The Best Motivation" starts at the 4:00 minute mark when it shows the segment for the Biggest Loser.

“A lot of people think that what they do in life is beneficial and get frustrated when they don’t see the results that they want…that other people are getting. You know you can say to yourself ‘Oh I went to the gym today so I’m better off because of it.’ BUT the question you have to ask yourself is, “What did I do in the gym today?’ You know what did you do in the gym today? And how did you do it?”

At the end of each day in P90x...I would look at myself hard in the mirror and ask the question. "WHAT DID I DO IN THE GYM TODAY....AND HOW DID I DO IT?!" Watch my P90x Round 2 Results Video below...and then you'll understand the mentality you need to have to get the results you takes more than one round.

My P90x Round 2 Results Video [Dedicated Republic]

The video below may motivate the Athletes out there (while I consider myself athletic, I'm not an athlete). This was recommended to me by Danny from the Team Catalyst P90x thread...I hope to see Danny in here one day.

How bad do you want it! [YouTube]

The video below should motivate anyone with a everyone posting to this thread a favor and leave now if this doesn't get you pumped up!

No Excuses!![YouTube]

This is a little video I put together highlighting a "P90x Moment" that I had on day 82 of my first round of P90x. Those who have had success with P90x will remember a P90x Moment...whether it was the first time you took your shirt off in front of people who have not seen you in a while, or having to buy smaller pants...etc. For me it happened at UFC 145 in Atlanta. I was walking around Phillips Arena with my father before the preliminary fights and we came across a Marine Corp recruiting station with a pullup bar where you can EARN prizes (you see that shirt I'm wearing in the above picture?) with pullups or reverse grip chinups. I knew exactly how many of each I could do as I have been writing it down every week!

My P90x Moment [Dedicated Republic]

After starting my 2nd round of P90x I showed my results to a co-worker of mine who is physically fit and competes in the crazy 4-12 mile run/obstacle course runs you guys may have heard about (Warrior Dash, Spartan Race..Tuff Mudder..and the like). Well he challenged me to do this thing called a muscle up on a pullup bar...had to even write the challenge date down on the family calendar! Well...this video was shot one week after my challenge date expired...set goals...write them down...then crush them! Thanks Blaine for the challenging me to do this!

(July 14, 2012): Got my first Muscle Up on a pullup bar. [YouTube]

To get the results that you desire you will have veer from the "norm." People will look at you early on and wonder why you are not eating what they eat, drinking what they drink, or choosing to workout rather than to hangout.

If you're still reading the last thing you want to be.

They may even try to label you...



Attachments: Haters Going to Hate.jpg (148.9k), dedicated.jpg (31.6k)
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RE: HUGE BEAST, Starting 8/27/2012 [Team R-U Ripped]
2/18/13 10:32 AM as a reply to RBroussard.

Here's a reference for calculating your body fat. You can find cheap skin fold calculators online, or visit a gym and have a personal trainer check it for you. There may be a charge, but sometimes they do it for free (Thanks Teddy!)

Body Fat Calculator [website]

The goal of this program is to put on 10 lbs of LEAN body mass, therefore you must track your bodyfat to figure out what your LEAN mass is. To BEAST UP we must first do a little math to know how much to eat, and you bodyfat is a factor this time around...unlike P90x calculations. If you're not comfortable doing the calculations in the book then download my spreadsheet attached to the first post and just put in your bodyweight and bodyfat %.

Below are the "Staples" of my diet so far (and I have my current P90x supplements in here as well). Not pictured are the following: Lean Chicken Breast and Salmon, both bought in large quantities at a big box membership store.

Many of these carry over from P90x with the addition of the Pasta (soon to be replaced by Wheat Pasta) and the Garbanzo Beans (to meet the Legume requirements). I bought a 5 lb bag of Garbanzo beans on Amazon and had it delivered to my house for $15! I have never cooked or had a Garbanzo bean but the nutrition in one cup is ridiculous...270 calories with 15 grams of protein, 45 carbs with 12 grams of fiber! I ate a lot of Oatmeal during P90x...and usually ate it for lunch with a protein shake, but now I'll replace oatmeal with wheat pasta....maybe eating Garbanzo beans as a 2nd snack.

Looks like I get to eat fruit again with Body Beast so I plan on eating a Banana with an Unflavored Greek Yogurt (I like Fage 0% for it's 100 calories with 18 grams of protein) as my first snack.

The cottage cheese pictured typically serves as my late night snack (my 6th meal at 9 p.m.) and I like it for it's casein slow digesting qualities. Sometimes I put a little whey protein and a dash of milk in with a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese.

I try to get a lot of my fats from Peanut Butter. I choose peanut butter over different types of nuts to keep the sodium and my costs down...also...I really love peanut butter and often I'll just grab a spoon full after a meal (which has led to my wife labeling my own jar of peanut be used exclusively by me since I eat from the jar. Now I plan on eating peanut butter with one or maybe two 100 calorie multi-grain muffins as my be washed down with skim milk.

If you don't see yourself going to 65 lbs dumb bells in the near feature I would take that money and buy the 8 lb and 12 lb dumb bells for shoulder exercises. The jump between 5 and 10 is pretty big on large rep shoulder exercises and the jump from 10 to 15 lb dumb bells is even larger on high rep shoulder exercises, so it's nice to have the in between weights. I also think the 20 lb and 30 lb dumb bells are great additions for arm curl sets.

An EZ bar is also recommended and I would recommend getting an Olympic EZ bar with Olympic plates. If you have the space, you can find 300 lb Olympic plate sets with a 45 lb Olympic bar for $0.50/lb if you look hard enough. That would be a great way to get a lot of plates for a good price, and the you can just add an EZ bar.

An adjustable bench or stability ball.

If you have the space and your budget allows for it, I would go for the adjustable bench preferably with several angle adjustments (bonus if it goes decline) as you should be able to find a really good one for $150 or less.

Gear and Equipment (more info to come later...)

Food Scale

Surprised to see this in Gear and Equipment? You shouldn't be. Hitting your macros at high calories numbers is going to take some work....and having a scale makes this easier as you dial in your nutrition so that you get your portions right. Here are some common items I weigh every week: Chicken Breast, Almonds, Cooked Pasta(to spread out a cooked box over 4 even servings). Do you really know what 5 or 10 grams of creatine looks like? If will after you get a scale. This is the scale that I have and it's < $20 on There are many others to choose from. This is a great investment.

Beast Shoes!

What you really want is Converse All Stars or Equivalent. You want something with a flat sole with your heel and feet low to the ground. Just think about your deadlifts...the lower your feet are to the ground the less work you have do to do pull the weight up. I have a few workouts in with these shoes and I am very happy with them. You want a stable base for lunges, squats and the like. Now these are horrible to jog in, so you might wear you Zigs or whatever on the Cardio Day, but keep your feet low to the ground on weight days. I have a lot of Adidas workout Pants so I picked up this pair will only be worn for working out.


Eventually you may need a lot of this. If you have a rack for your dumb bells, I highly recommend putting the heavier weight on the top rack as I have in the above image. I strained my SI joint back in 2002 after a back workout (on my last set) my putting heavier weight on a bottom rack with bad form...and my SI joint is not 100%. I have went to physical therapy on it over the year and I still manage the flair ups, but it may never be please learn from my mistake.

Those of us coming from P90x probably already have some dumb bells, but maybe not as heavy as we may need, or maybe not as light as we might need? "What?!? Not as light!?" I'm sorry, but on the Build Shoulders workout, The Sagi 6 Way will break any man! I came into this program doing over 50 pushups on 6 inch bars, over 15 pullups on all the grips, and 3 muscle ups and I still failed at 8 lb dumbells on the Sagi Six Way. Consider 5 lb dumb bells, 8 lb dumb bells, and 12 lb dumb bells to get the most out of your shoulder exercises as the difference of 5 lb over 15 shoulder reps is HUGE when you are already exhausted....but you'll figure this out soon enough!

I know a lot of folks buy the Bowlfex and other fancy dumbells that save space and click in, but I really like old fashioned Grey Hex Dumb bells. You should be able to buy these used at $0.50/lb or less...I have purchased all my weights this way...either from used sporting good stores or from individuals. Also as you climb the weight ladder the dumb bells seem to vary in weight, so bring a cheap weight scale with you when you buy dumb bells (new or used) and make sure you get a matched set. My 75 lb dumb bells are 2 pounds off...don't let this happen to you! They make look the same, but not all weights come from the same cast.

So lets do a little math:

Pair of 5's - $5
Pair of 10's - $10
Pair of 15's - $15
Pair of 25's - $25
Pair of 35's - $35
Pair of 45's - $45
Pair of 55's - $55
Pair of 65's - $65
Total = $255

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RE: HUGE BEAST, Starting 8/27/2012 [Team R-U Ripped]
8/20/12 7:13 PM as a reply to RBroussard.
Hey man. I have been following your progress on the p90x thread for a while and and I quite admire you for what you have acheived so far. Good for you and well done! I have just finished P90x and am ready to start Body Beast on August 27. I have had good results with p90x but am looking to add more muscle and few extra pounds to my frame. I will post some pics shortly. i take this quite seriousy and never miss a workout. looking forward to staying in touch throughout.

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RE: HUGE BEAST, Starting 8/27/2012 [Team R-U Ripped]
8/20/12 8:14 PM as a reply to TheShvedi.
Hey man. I have been following your progress on the p90x thread for a while and and I quite admire you for what you have acheived so far. Good for you and well done! I have just finished P90x and am ready to start Body Beast on August 27. I have had good results with p90x but am looking to add more muscle and few extra pounds to my frame. I will post some pics shortly. i take this quite seriousy and never miss a workout. looking forward to staying in touch throughout.


I cannot begin to tell you how dedicated I am to achieving my goals!! I'm so hungry...being at a deficit for 6 months...I'm chomping at the bit to start eating like a BEAST should eat. I'm still tweaking my diet...and I will motivate all who step up to this thread. Stay in up to this thread...and look out for future updates to my first few posts, reserved for REAL information to help out newcomers. I will be learning with all of you...but I'm ready...and I have the support of my family, and those who join this thread will not regret it.

Join me and let's BEAST UP!!

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I will be starting on the 27th also. I wold like to also have the motivation and accountability that comes from a group. I have completed P90x, P90x2, Insanity and Asylum.

I have reduced my weight by about 70 pounds. It has taken couple of years but I am on the right path. In 2008 I almost died from blood clots and kidney issues. Now I am in the best shape of my life. I have about 10 pounds of fat in the middle still and hope that Body Beast will finally get rid of that.

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Welcome aboard Jordan!

Before starting this program...everyone should do the following:

1. Write down your current weight and bodyfat % and look at it.

2. Go through the calculations for all phases (just increase your weight for each phase to get an idea of how many calories you might be eating) Or you can just download my spreadsheet in my first post and put in your numbers as it runs the calculations for you. I'm assuming all of you want to gain 10 pounds of lean muscle mass as this is the goal of this be prepared to eat!

3. Read the Book of Beast Cover to Cover

4. Clearly Choose your plan (Huge Beast or Lean Beast)

5. Take your "Before Measurements"

6. Take your "Before Photos"

7. Start planning your meals/diet

I'll finish my 2nd round of P90x at the end of this week and soon and I'll post up my numbers, measurements, photos, and my planned diet.

My current weight is around 190 lbs.
My ideal goal weight is 205 lbs at a 7% bodyfat, and I'm hoping a round or two of Body Beast takes me there.
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I can't wait to get started. I will take my before photos on Friday and will post then. I finished P90x 2 weeks ago but am still working out daily so I will post the most updated photos. I am a bit nervous about increasing calories significantly because it was so hard to get rid of the belly (where ALL my fat was). I am still not 100% where I want to be in terms of fat, but getting there. I am ready to kick some butt.
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Updated the nutrition and motivation sections....please check them out. I'll make a conscious effort to improve each of these sections as I have time and have more useful information.
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Just finished my 2nd round of P90x. I'm going to update my original P90x result thread, the update my first post here. Decided to end it today so I can recover for my first Body Beast workout on Monday.

Attachments: background2.jpg (135.5k)
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Started Creatine Loading. I'll take a heaping teaspoon of creatine in 8 ounces of Apple Juice. I plan on 4 servings a day for 3 days leading up to my first workout.
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So here are my starting measurements, and I'm just going to add entry's to BeachBody's mearuement tracker under "Edit Profile" in "Progress and Goals." I have also entered my current weight and body fat into my calculator spreadsheet attached to the first post. So I lost more weight than I thought towards the end of my 2nd round so I'm only going to need about 3000 calories initially through the Build Phase. I plan on working on food prep tomorrow (mainly wheat pasta and garbanzo beans).

I highly recommend that everyone take starting measurements and figure out your target calories. Like many of you I'm a little nervous about eating this many calories especially after just losing 35 lbs through two straight rounds of P90x...but I'm going to go ahead and TRUST IN THE PROGRAM and see what happens...knowing that I have plenty of time until next summer. I would really like to do Body Beast for the next 6 months going with HUGE beast on the first run and LEAN beast on the 2nd run.

Calorie Targets and Starting Measurements Below



Attachments: Calorie Target with Macro Breakdown.jpg (56.1k), Starting Measurements.jpg (22.1k)
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Cooking up 5 cups of Garbanzo beans along with some wheat pasta for this weeks meals. I have a starting point putting me right at my 3000 calorie target. I'm still loading creatine through this weekend.

I have attached my current meal plan as an image (you might need to right-click and save locally to view it full resolution) and a spreadsheet if anyone wants to download and tweak. I'm also up for suggestions. I plan on working out in the 7 p.m. hour.

Looking forward to my first Body Beast workout tomorrow.

Keep pushing the weights gentlemen!


Attachments: Build Diet.jpg (217.0k), Build and Bulk.xls (17.0k)
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I am looking to start tomorrow as well. I've done 3 rounds of P90X and 1 round of Insanity along with a couple programs on BB looks pretty intense and I can't wait to get started! I will be following this thread and posting my experiences. look very well prepared Robert!

Let's Beast Up!

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@Darin: Welcome aboard!

I absolutely want to be prepared as I want to set the expectation high for all who post up here. I will try to challenge all of you to reach your goals and I hope all of you will do the same for me.

I plan on being here for a while, so let's do this!

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I'm in. I actually started the 26th with Chest/Tris. After just finishing P90X I really felt like I was cheating. Don't get me wrong, I felt like I got a good workout, but compared to P90X it was short and easy.

Then I got up at 5:30am today to do legs. Knowing that it was only 38 minutes long I thought, I'll just blast through this and head to work. Ouch, I could hardly stand up in the shower after I finished. And I think I got a better cardio workout than I did doing Plyo.
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Chest/Tris done! That was a pretty sweet workout. I love how Sagi messes with "Barbie". Thats how a workout should be. I think this is going to be an ass kicking 90 days!

Bring on Legs!!
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I hope everyone is eating clean or at least eating to their goals. If you have any questions on nutrition I'll be happy to assist in any way I can. Don't forget the nutrition part of this.

I don't know how you guys work out so early in the hat's off to you. So it looks like you're one day ahead, and now I'm dreading the legs day. My legs have never been a strong point of mine, but I said the same thing about Pullups when I started P90x, and I guess I need to "fall in love" with my other weakness...legs. I suspect I'll be limping along at work as well.

I'm starting to like Sagi, his accent is a nice change from Tony Horton. It would be cool to have Arnold leading a workout series like this back in his prime ha ha. I'm having hi hopes for this I got a pretty good pump in my first day.

@TheShvedi and JPhotoz
Tell us how it's going, we're waiting to hear from you.

"Build: Chest and Triceps" is complete.

Super Sets, Giant Sets, Drop don't think I have ever iced my triceps in my life, but I'm icing them now. It has been probably 8 months since I have actually done a chest press of any sort on my incline bench, so I was leery about picking my initial weights, but I think I chose correctly and my worksheet is attached at the bottom.

I must say the pace seemed a little fast to me and this is probably because everything is so new. I found myself getting behind a few times but I caught up at the risk of bad in the future I will pause the video.

It's okay to pause the video. Keep your form and hit your rep goal.

Whatever it takes! -Sagi

I like to use shorthand notation on my worksheets and this helped me through P90x. If I put an asterisk (*) then that set was sketchy on form and I just barely made the reps. I use an up arrow next to the weight if I think I need to go up, but usually I just try to beat the previous week. If I fail it will be obvious on my worksheet as I write down the reps and weight where I failed, and reps and weight of my fail over not be above having more than one fail over weight (I did this through P90x). All of us need to hit our rep goals, so keep dropping weight until you get to your rep goal.

I actually was feeling pretty good about my chosen weight until I got the Giant sets...then it became challenge and I came close to failure, but I finally failed on my last set in "Tricep Extension" as you can see where I indicated two weights "20" and then "15" separated by the comma. The circled numbers above each weight are the number of reps I was able to do on each weight so in this case I failed on my 4th rep on the 20 lb weight on the "drop" set of Tricep extensions.

I must say the "Drop Sets" threw me off initially, but the drop set is really a super set where you do the same exercise back to back picking a heavier weight on the first section and then "dropping" to a lower weight on the 2nd section.

It's going to take a while to get used to this but I believe weight choice will be the key, and what I'm going to have to figure out is at what set to fail at, maybe that back half of each section? It is important to fail, failure is how we are going to grow, so you must have standby fail over weights sitting on go like you would drop set. My ideal worksheet will have more failures indicated on here's to failing more on next week's "Build: Chest and Tris!"

Us fellow P90x'rs may not think the workouts are as demanding as say the "Chest and Back" from P90x, but remember you are stronger now, and now you will need to push yourself to failure at specific rep targets and not like "repping to failure with P90x" which means we have to be smarter about the weight choice. So write down your worksheets and hold on to them for reference so you know what beat the next week, let them be your trophies!

Failure will be our key to success, so fail often but fail gracefully and pick up your fail over weights!

Remember the Build Phase is a learning Phase, and the Bulk Phase is where most of our gains are going to don't worry about how easy this workout might have been, just push yourself harder next week.

My favorite quote from the "Build: Chest and Tri's Workout"

Take a good look at your triceps! As this is the last time you are going to see them at this size! -Sagi *while doing tricep extensions*

I just want to preface this next section by saying how much I missed eating.

1 English Muffin
1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter
Protein Shake (1 scoop ON Whey in 8 ounces of skim milk)

Snack 1:
1 medium banana

2 Servings of Wheat Pasta in pasta sauce

Snack 2:
1.5 cups of Garbanzo beans (put some hot sauce in it for kicks)

6 ounces of Salmon
1 cup of steamed veggies

Tonight's Pre-Workout:
8 ounces of Apple Juice
1 heaping tablespoon of ON Micronized Creatine
2 scoops of Cellucor C4 Extreme

Tonight's Beast Shake (post workout):
1 Scoop ON Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate Whey
2 Scoops ON GlycoMaize
1 medium banana
1 heaping tablespoon of ON Pure Micronized Creatine
1 heaping tablespoon of ON L-Glutamine
2 Tablespoons of flaxseed meal
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter
1 Tablespoon of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup
16 ounces of milk

[Worksheet 2012-08-27] Build: Chest and Tris (Day 1)


Attachments: Round_1_Build_Chest_Tris_Week_1.jpg (171.6k)
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Hi All,

Chest and Tris completed last night. I also workout in the evening (usually around 8pm) due to work and family schedules. Overall, I have to say that the chest workout in particular, did not feel as intense as the one in P90x. The problem, however, was that I did not pick the right weights. I started off with weights that were too light for each set, so even when I went up in weight, it was not as heavy as I needed it. I wrote everything down and will make the corrections next time. I think that with the right weight so that I can struggle through the end of every set, it would be a killer chest workout. I did better on the tricep workout since I was familiar with the exercises from P90x.

Here are pictures of me before p90x and currently. I am ready to take it to the next level!

RBroussard, I have to say that your intensity and committment is inspiring. Keep it up!

Attachments: Before and After.jpg (271.4k)
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