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I know you've heard this before...
but, I just started Insanity again. I don't remember what exactly got in the way last time, anyway, I failed to complete it.

Here I am on Day 4 and I am feeling great. Cardio Recovery was a welcome session today as I was a bit sore.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way (we moved and I think some stuff may still be in disarray) I lost the nutrition guide. I did just get the Quick Thin Kitchen Guide (or whatever its called) so I will work out of that, but I will not be able to adhere to any real strict diet. With budget issues and having little kids, I can't afford to make separate meals. I will be paying a WHOLE lot more attention to what I eat, no fast food, no soda, no sweets, and definitely controlling portion size. Breaking meals out, using shakes and fresh fruit and yogurts to carry me over between meals instead of chips or other crappy snacks.

I had my wife take some pics today, so I will try and get them posted... I didn't want to wait too long. (I know seeing progress will be a huge motivation.) Thanks for all of your encouragement as well.


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RE: I know you've heard this before...
11/1/12 6:36 PM as a reply to fishingguy.
Fishing Guy - I think I mayh have seen you last time. YOU CAN DO THIS. ANd you can manage the food as well, just make good choices and change things a little at a time. Online support can be crucial and I've got two awesome groups you could join. THe first has a lot of people and most are experienced (on a 2nd round at least), the other is a new group of all newbies. I'll be with you either way helping and both will get you support and motivation and information. Check us out here:

Larry's Lunatics]

Newbie Group
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RE: I know you've heard this before...
11/5/12 7:07 PM as a reply to fishingguy.
I feel like I needed to post an accountability post. I am still on track and have completed every workout giving it all I can. I know I will do more as I get the routines down.

I did not do as well on my "day off" as I wanted. My diet still came in around the correct calorie target, but a couple questionable choices!

Again, my diet will not be as great as I would like, but I will do my best.

Thanks for the encouragement!
(I posted starting pics in my photo album, not sure how to share them or whatever, but at least they're here.)

I'll keep pressing play!
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