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new here and in need of support
hey guys !
my name is miha i am 70 pounds over weight due to lack of exerciser,sweets and i just had a baby 3 months ago with that alone i gained 40 pounds. i need a lot of support because i am always busy with the baby and household chores. i am also breast feeding so my baby attached to me which leaves me no time to myself at i need some tips from mothers out their with babies, how do you do it? I dance and do the bbl which i did for the first time i didnt finish it due to my baby crying till her eyes were red and i am so out of shape weighing at 220 pounds and so disappointed in my self i used to never be more than 150 pounds. I am so lazy i am blaming bbl to be really hard trying to maneuver all this weight im carrying. also some women say i can loose my milk from working out is that true? iam 22 yearsold with my first child and my father has diabetes a so the doctor said i am in a very high risk to get it.
i just feel like its impossible to juggle everything baby doesn't even wana go to her dad screams like crazy and my husband is very lazy if i dot do something he wont t do it even if magets were crawling out of it. omg i have said too much sorry if its too much info
just need advice thanks
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RE: new here and in need of support
11/4/12 4:20 AM as a reply to miha1235.
Oh Miha

I feel for you. Having a new baby and dealing with changes in hormones and how our bodies look and feel after giving birth is all very difficult. I understand that during your pregnancy you gained more weight than you would have liked and all of this is piling up on you. WE are here for you.

Let start out with the first issue, yes you can work out while breastfeeding - here's a good web site I found on exercise and breastfeeding you can read over link
It states that exercise is actually good for you and it will not have an effect on milk production unless working to exhaustion - and then it short be short term.

Now for time: that one is more difficult of course. You're tired from still recovering from delivery and body changes, your sleep is not regular, and your activities during the day are busy with baby care, housework, laundry (omg the laundry!) and it sounds like hubby needs to step it up and help our more! Let's start with trying to get in some exercise while the baby sleeps, even if you have to stop and come back to it during the next nap. As he/she starts to sleep longer and get into a more regular sleep pattern it will get better, but BBL has fairly short workouts and as long as you are moving that's what counts. Also, while baby is awake if weather permits take that new stroller out and do a few swings around the block if possible. (not sure where you live and if that's possible)

Please buddy request me, I would love to hear how you are doing and help be some support for you. Please break down your goals. You need small goals right now. Your big goal is to lose the weight of course, but right now you need some wins... so your first goal might be to get in 3-4 workouts this week even if you have to break it down in 10-15 minutes segments due to baby.

Again, I'm looking forward to helping any way I can. and congratulations on that beautiful blessing of yours.

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RE: new here and in need of support
11/4/12 5:14 AM as a reply to miha1235.
Hi emoticon

My girlfriend and I just started a new Team...Team Mayhem and we are all about helping people get motivated and achieve their goals. I added you as a friend and you can also request my girlfriend juliefitnesspro.

We have solid workout backgrounds and we are here to help you no matter what you need emoticon

Here is a good Web Site I found for Nutrition and workout while breastfeeding...hope it helps:

It is definitely true that it is hard to make time to workout with a new born, but this baby is a blessing and you want to be able to be there for your kid for as long as you can and healthy.

Let me know if you want to take some time to chat or talk over the phone, we will help you as much as we can!

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RE: new here and in need of support
11/5/12 4:47 AM as a reply to miha1235.
tnx emoticon
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