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FAT to SIX-PACK! A 14 year old's 3 month success story
This is my son Sam. His starting weight was 175 and his body fat was about 20%. He now weighs 150 and is around, or under 10% body fat.

He followed the p90x workout plan just as it said. He was very strict in his diet eating nothing but eggs, chicken, fish, vegetables, nuts, and Pure Protein power bars.

His eating in a day would consist of:
Breakfast 645-700: 4 eggs, vegetables, and deli meat.
Snacks: 2 power bars and nuts throughout the day, with no lunch.
Dinner 530-545: chicken or fish, fiber one cereal, vegetables.
That would be his final meal of the day.

Before p90x, Sam could do around 20 push-ups in one minute along with 2-3 pull-ups. After p90x he can do 40+ push-ups in one minute and his pull-ups improved to 10-15 nonstop.

Waist size went from 38 to 30. Everything toned up including his thighs and calf's.

Sam plays basketball and lacrosse and his speed and endurance have improved greatly. He use to be the person always huffing and puffing after each sprint, now, he encourages those who are in the position he once was. His vertical jump is very impressive. At 5feet 9inches he can get rim. Very few middle school kids look like he does. He has great determination and hopes to achieve more in his physique.

Check out the before and after pics.


Attachments: Sam1.png (257.8k), Sam2.png (307.5k)
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RE: 14 Year Old Gets Ripped in 90 Days
11/6/12 6:22 PM as a reply to bashworth54321.
Tell Sam that's an impressive change.

Can you or Sam give some more info on what he ate and how often he ate?

Did he follow the P90X eating plan or do his own thing?

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RE: FAT to SIX-PACK! A 14 year old's 3 month success story
11/6/12 6:37 PM as a reply to bashworth54321.
Sam loosely followed the p90x eating plan. He took bits and pieces of it and applied it to his own eating plan. Sam described his eating more in depth in the 2nd and 3rd paragraph.

Check it out.
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RE: FAT to SIX-PACK! A 14 year old's 3 month success story
11/8/12 10:44 AM as a reply to bashworth54321.
Good for Sam.

My three sons 17, 13 and nine along with my 11 year old daughter all went through P90X with great results. And you are right, not many middle school students look like that.

My thirteen year old was actually skinny when he started P90x, but he gained 10 plus pounds of muscle. He is now a beast (like Sam) for middle school and it has helped his athletics greatly.

Tell Sam to keep at it,

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RE: FAT to SIX-PACK! A 14 year old's 3 month success story
11/8/12 1:59 PM as a reply to bashworth54321.
I sure will. Congratulations on your kids success.

Thanks for sharing,

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