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First Timer Started 11/5/12
First Timer Started 11/5/12
11/7/12 8:48 AM
Hi All,
I just started the P90X program...well Monday.
My goal for this first round is to get in overall better shape. I'm currently don't believe my weight is an issue, if anything I could use putting on weight. (150lb 5'11") However as I have gotten a little older, I can feel myself getting/being more out of shape. (38) I can't do the things I use to do.

Well the thing I’m struggling with right of the bat is the pace. Now I have not worked out or exercised in a long time. So when I started the Chest and Back DVD on Monday after doing Ab ripper. I was only able to make it half way…and I could not do one more push up or pull up. On Tuesday I finished chest and back an onto the next video. I guess my question is should I do less in the first part of the video so I can finish the video the same day? Also at times I switch from doing normal push-up to do them from my knees. So I do as many as I can off my knees then I can do another 5 to 10 on my knees. Does that sound ok?

Well any feedback on the pace would be helpful. I will continue to update this post as a move through the program.
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RE: First Timer Started 11/5/12
11/7/12 8:54 AM as a reply to Hooligan1651.
Listen to Tony, do YOUR best and forget the rest. On Chest and Back, he tells youon the first round, save a little in the tank, you'll need ti for round 2. Funny you did ARX first, most people do after, but no biggie. Deifinitely modify as you need. If you're toast on teh pushups, but can bang a couple more out on your knees, do that. I’ve got an awesome group of people starting P90X and we’d love to have you join us for support, motivation, inspiration, information and friendship. Check us out here:

Support and Motivation
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RE: First Timer Started 11/5/12
11/7/12 9:06 AM as a reply to Hooligan1651.
Thanks for the reply!

I do ARX first because, when I went through the videos as a “preview”. I found that after the chest and back or an of the arm or upper body works outs. I was way to spent and I could not hold myself up or support myself as need to do the ARX video. By doing it first, my upper body is still functional and allows me to do the upper body workout.

I will check out the support and motivation group.

Thanks again.
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RE: First Timer Started 11/5/12
11/7/12 7:31 PM as a reply to Hooligan1651.
First of all Nice to meet you and congrats on choosing P90X as you fitness program. I have had amazing results with P90X and I'm sure you will do the same.

The answer to your first Question is YES YES YES YES (do less in the first half).
You need to set a goal here to get through the entire workout and once you can then you can concentrate on increasing your reps. Since you said you anly got through 1/2 of the video, I would take the # of reps done on each exercise in part one and cut it at least in 1/2. This should give you a more comfortable pace and allow you to reach the end. Dropping to your knees is always welcomed any time you want to bang out a few extra reps but again don't over do it or you will wear out before the end.
You know those pain in the butt worksheets that Tony keeps telling you to write on - You need to use them. This is the best way to moniter your progress. Use it as a guide the next time you do this workout look at the sheets and attempt to get the same # or increased # reps as compared to last time.

As for ARX I disagree wilt Coach Larry - I know several people that do ARX before the dvd workout and their reasons are all the same - They just don't have the energy after the dvd. A few have also said that they do it first because if put atthe end it feels like a second work out where as if put before feels more like a warm up exercise.

The last advice I want to give you is to stick to the schedule the best you can. If you can do only part of the dvd thenn that is all you can do - set a goal to get through it all and go from there. If you do only 1/2 now then 1/2 tomorrow before the regular scheduled exercise you will end up wearing yourself out trying to keep up.

This program is designed to be challanging, and many people have trouble getting through the whole workout at first. Stay strong and do not give up - It will come and whenyou look back in a month from now you will be shocked that all you could do on day 1,2, or 3 was ##.

Once again Congrats for choosing P90x as your home fitness program!!
I do not think you will be disappointed at the results you are going to get.
Just be sure to push play everyday.
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RE: First Timer Started 11/5/12
11/7/12 11:04 PM as a reply to Hooligan1651.
Hey Hooligan!

There is another group of us that started on Monday as well. I am a newbie and there may be another, but if you want to start join our thread and read about how I think my arms are going to explode lactic acid all over place feel free to click this link:

EDIT: The link above is not click-able so give this a try: P90X Newbie Thread

It is always nice to know that you are going through the exact same thing (punishment) as someone else.

No pressure, but thought you would fit right in.
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