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Need an accountability buddy!
Hi, I've started and restarted p90x a thousand times it seems, but lack the self-discipline to keep it up any longer than 2 weeks. When I do it, I love it. But after a while of not seeing results immediately I get discouraged and quit against my better judgement.

What I'm basically looking for is someone with similar goals who is wanting to do the program, or who has ALREADY gone through the program that I can email at the end of each day or week, just to share the experience with. Basically, a shoulder to lean on and keep me going. Someone to be a friend.

Here are the facts about me:
-21 years old
-body type is lanky/"skinny-fat"
-my goal is to lean up, improve my overall physique
-living in Washington state (R-74 <3!!emoticon

Add me, or private message me, or even just reply here and ask for my email if you're interested!
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RE: Need an accountability buddy!
11/9/12 8:29 PM as a reply to AdamJames.
Hey man,

I'm definitely interested, I've done P90X when I was obese. I've completed it about 5 times in the past couple of years. I'd love to help you out, I know how tough it can be and how easy it can be to stop working out.

Yusuf B
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RE: Need an accountability buddy!
11/10/12 9:43 AM as a reply to AdamJames.
Hello Adam

Accountability is key to doing any training program. My wife and I are both Beachbody Coaches and Certified Personal Trainers. We are both currently doing the P90X Challenge. You are welcome to join our group here:

We would love to help you!

In Health,

Coach Jeff
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