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Elite nutrition plan
Elite nutrition plan
11/10/12 2:22 AM
Hey guys,

back online finally - had some problems.

OK received insanity and was all ready to get started so I took
the nutrition plan to work to have a read.

Now I can't cook at all plus I'm kinda a fussy eater in that I
don't like a lot of foods (I wish I did believe me, lol) so
I just can't imagine how I'm going to do this. Plus how do people
that work long hours have the time to make five meals per day?

Should I just send the product back? I feel really really deflated by this.

I like carbs food like pasta, bread etc and I like protein foods such as chicken,
beans, tuna etc...

I would have started insanity a few days ago but reading this guide has knocked me for

I've got the beachbody multi vitamins food supplement so that will help.

I just feel so lost any help much appreciated as I'm all set to start but I know
how important food is.

Thanks again,

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RE: Elite nutrition plan
11/10/12 2:45 AM as a reply to Greg021.
I'm not familiar with the Insanity nutrition guide, but I do know about working long hours and eating per P90X. My boyfriend and myself work 12 hour shifts. We plan our work menu to be pretty repetitive for that week, meaning for those 3 or 4 nights, we eat the same thing every night. Having our meal plan, we do our grocery shopping and get to work getting everything cooked. We take advantage of the crock pot whenever possible. Also, boiling ground turkey then separating into serving sizes is quite convenient. We actually seperate everything into serving sized baggies and containers so when getting ready for work, we can just toss them into our lunch bags. Nuts, cheese sticks, rice cakes, etc.

Not sure how much this helped, but hope it did some.

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RE: Elite nutrition plan
11/10/12 2:46 AM as a reply to Greg021.
only way to learn how to cook is to start and follow the instructions, but I think your best step is to find the foods in that book that you do like or look online at food that fall into the specific type of food shaun t wants you to eat. Also i can cook but i dont like to so what i do sometimes is cook on 1 day of the week every meal for the upcoming week. Lastly every1 is different so pick and choose what statements work for you emoticon hope this helped

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