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11/10/12 10:48 AM
So today is day 29 of insanity..
The first 2.5 weeks we're AMAZING. I was so extremely dedicated, ate amazing everyday, my whole nutritional diet changed and became a life style to just be healthy.
I was kicking ass, losing weight like crazy, feeling amazing everyday and felt completely unstopable... Then It was like over night That alllllll changed.
My eating has gone down hill, my workouts etc..
It's a real stresser because I feel like i'm letting myself down. I was so motivated to make it the 60 days then to keep going without screwing myself over.
It's been a good two weeks now since I was really dedicated to this and it's upsetting to me. I still want this more than anything but I really need the determination to come back that kick ass attitude where I KNEW i could and WOULD get this done.
Still I want this more than anything and am trying so hard to get that motivation back !

It's only something I can do myself, no matter how many pictures of abs I see it's still on me to get this going.. Life happened and threw me off a lot.
If anyone has any bit of motivation ideas PLEASE let me know .
I want that six pack and healthy life style more than anything
I want to kick these last 30 days in the ass .

Thankyouuuuuuuu (:
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RE: Help..
11/10/12 2:29 PM as a reply to Hjcobler.
First off, nice job on taking on Insanity! Sorry to hear you hit a bump in the road, but believe me, we have ALL been there, as well as myself. When something brings you down, fight and get back on your feet, keep pressing play, keep pushing forward no matter what the obstacle! Nutrition going downhill! I've been there, and I know from experience that it is not easy, but never give up. Baby steps first. As for motivation, think about how far you've come, and how far you can go. Don't stop at day 60, keep going, do another round.

If there is ever anything else you would like to know, feel free to ask. I moderate an accountability and motivation thread. The link is below for you to check out! See you there emoticon

Get Fit for the Holidays Accountability Group All Welcome! Any Program!

Dig Even Deeper for thy inner self!

- Andrew
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