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Caboose on the Insane Train... Call me Han! :)
Hellllo all you Insaniacs!

I am a 21 year old female, 5'8, and 140 pounds (up 6 pounds since Insanity started...)
I am a full time psychology student in my last year, I live in Minnesota and ITS COLD HERE.
I started Insanity not so much to lose weight, because I already lost the 40 pounds from summer of 2011 to get to my goal.
I wanted to tone up and get STRONG!
I also run and box in conjunction with Insanity.
I LOVE the intensity of the program and can't wait to be RIPPED emoticon
I started on October 29 and I have had pharyngitis since day 1 so it is definitely a struggle for me emoticon
However, I feel and look the best I ever have, and I am so proud of myself for sticking with it.
My diet is pretty darn good- I eat mostly organic, almost all veggies and rarely meat. LOVE tofu and seafood. Have a weakness for bagels and craft beer. I at least TRY to stick with whole wheat bagels. And beer. Oh, wait?
I am loving my life, even more so now that fitness has become the center of it. I can't get enough of it!
Any advice is appreciated. Currently on the frustration side from having gained weight and have a very sore sprained ankle to join my sickness. BOO!
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RE: Caboose on the Insane Train... Call me Han! :)
11/12/12 10:33 PM as a reply to HannahJoy25.
well we already talked about your sprained ankle on the other thread but about you gaining weight. are you taking in the right amount of calories? and your building muscle and thats way heavier then the fat your burning.

i have a challenge thread going. we would love to have you. check it out...
my challenge thread (click here)
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