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Twice a day both months
Twice a day both months
insanity interval circuit single day hybrid mix schedule workouts twice a day
11/12/12 11:35 PM

I have completed first round of Insanity, And would like to continue being Insane.
So I was think of mixing both the months in a single day; like start with month1 in morning time and month2 in evening.

So couches can guide/advice me on it.

OK, part from the above twice-a-day, I want to mix month-1& month-2 in my schedule for once-a-day. So what will be my schedule workouts?
Day-1: Fit Test & Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Day-2: MAX Interval Circuit
Day-3: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
Day-4: MAX Interval Plyo

So the mix will be:
Day-1: Month 1/Day 1
Day-2: Month 2/Day 2
Day-3: Month 1/Day 2
Day-4: Month 2/Day 3
Day-5: Month 1/Day 3
Day-6: Month 2/Day 4

And so forth adding month-2 next days. So can you guide on this schedule as well.

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RE: Twice a day both months
11/13/12 5:47 AM as a reply to Wrathyimp.
Two a days are tough.

You'll probably have to eat enormous amounts of food to prevent damage to your body.

You can definately lose muscle if you don't have the proper fuel to rebuild.

How do you plan on attacking your diet?
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RE: Twice a day both months
11/13/12 7:42 AM as a reply to Wrathyimp.
Not a good idea. There is no way you are going to give 100% of your effort in the PM AND you are increasing the chances of getting hurt while not giving your muscles a chance to recover. If you are intent on doing a second workout in the PM try weightlifting or use a cardio machine, that's what I did.
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RE: Twice a day both months
11/13/12 8:49 AM as a reply to Wrathyimp.
Ok, I will drop the two-a-day option.
What about the mixing month1+month2?

Any inputs or adjustments on the schedule i came up with.
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RE: Twice a day both months
11/13/12 9:38 AM as a reply to Wrathyimp.
im pretty sure the people who put insanity together didnt intend for that. they put it together so month 1 dvds work with month 1 and month 2 dvds work together in month 2. i would keep it the way it is. theirs not really a point of even mixing them... just start over or even just do month 2 and not month 1 if you want to get into the harder stuff.

if you want a challenge, y dont you try THE INSANITY ASYLUM (click to check it out). and if you want to switch it up y dont you do the p90x and insanity hybrid which would be way more useful to you and your body then a double insanity hybrid..
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