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Well, week *two* is down.
Well, week *two* is down.
11/18/12 12:49 PM
The wife and i started a diet and P90 10 days ago and so far it's going great.

I'm 6'4 / 205 and running on 1850-1950 kcal a day
She's 5'9 / 165 and running on 1300-1350 kcal a day
We're both using the fat shredder diet (50P/30C/20F)

Only hiccup is that my really good bodyfat (tanita 545) weight insists that i'm gaining bodyfat contrary to what i see in the mirror. (I'm guessing that it's because my muscles are somehow worn down right now since i haven't worked out like forever.. or maybe they somehow change impedance after training, who knows)?

Anyhow, after only 10 days, my old sixpack is kinda showing through the blubber.. I'm still rubbery to the touch all over, but things are looking up.

The wife is looking better and sexier by the day. I'm going to invest in a rather large stick to beat off other guys.

When we hit 30, 60 and 90 days pics will be posted. (day 0 pics will be posted with day 30 pics)

Until then, we'll keep on bringin' it.

See ya again on day 30.
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RE: Well, week one is down.
11/14/12 8:20 AM as a reply to DanishChris.
Way to go, DanishChris! I'm a few days into week three and am already seeing a difference in the mirror.

You're welcome to join us in the "Power 90 Starting Oct 29 - Nov 5" thread if you like. Several of us are checking in daily and it would great to add two more. And CoachZuba has several great informational posts on getting started and is happy to answer questions and give advise which is great.

Whether you join us or not, I wish you and your wife the best of luck and I'll check back here at your 30-day mark to see how it's going.

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RE: Well, week one is down.
11/15/12 11:42 AM as a reply to DanishChris.
Oh my (insert deity of choice here), today's workout damn near gave me a heart attack.
Well, not really but it sure felt that way. I'm not sure if it's the diet or if I'm just having an off day or if I just took it a little over the top today.

Changes keep happening at an almost frightening pace, belly's dissapearing and the first small signs of muscle striations are beginning to appear at the shoulders.
At this rate i'll have to adjust my diet upwards in calories soon.. and maybe even exchange a bit of that proteine for some complex carbs.

Rikke (My lovely wife) is hooked. Who would have known that losing weight would make her.. chest area.. look bigger. When she found out, she immediately went through her diet plan to see if she could lose a few extra cals somewhere. It's wonderful to see her so happy about something.

I wish i did this years ago.
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RE: Well, week one is down.
11/17/12 8:18 AM as a reply to DanishChris.
Know that feeling when you start dieting and the weight won't move an inch even if you see plenty of change in the mirror?

I do.

Workouts seem to be easier and harder at the same time (easier because i get used to them and harder because i push myself harder).

My weight right now seem to have stagnated over the last few days.. it's either because i'm gaining lean muscle and losing a bit of fat or because i'm just one of those people who lose weight in fits and spurts. I don't know.

I'm following my diet to the letter, so much so that we brought our own supper to my in-laws house last night. I had delicious cottage cheese and steamed chicken with veggies. My poor in-laws, on the other hand, had to settle for steak with fries and sauce bernaise.

Oh, how i pity them.

Being a firm believer in challenging myself, i treated myself to the game "Rocksmith"
It's kinda like guitar hero, but i can plug my real guitar into my computer and play it.
Turns out the first challenge wasn't building calluses on my fingertips or keeping hordes of screaming fans by shredding riff after riff.
It was hooking the damn thing up. And then fixing the latency. Five hours. Nothing but knitting a sweater should take that long.
At least everything seems in order now.
Tomorrow, we jam!!!! (and by jam i mean "carefully place one finger on a string and pick it")

Not that any of this really have to do with power 90, but i was never any good at sticking to the subject at hand.

Much love to all of you out there.
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RE: Well, week *two* is down.
11/18/12 12:57 PM as a reply to DanishChris.
Today was the last day in week 2. We finished our workouts strong, and then collapsed like yesterdays balloons. Form's getting better, though.

Got blisters on my fingers because i got too eager playing guitar. ouch.

My wife took in a stray kitten and being a hard, cold man with a heart of stone I immediately fell over the poor thing, talking baby talk and petting it like crazy. So now we have a cat.

Workouts will be complicated in the future if it keeps on insisting trying to crawl up my pantleg while doing pushups. (I'm the one doing pushups, not the cat.. just to clarify).
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RE: Well, week *two* is down.
11/22/12 9:00 AM as a reply to DanishChris.
We finished so strong today! I'm now able to do my 7-7-7's properly and have added pullups (wide/close/reversed) to the sculpt workout for the upper back.
My wife is still struggling with the last two pushups with the hands in the "close" position while doing her 7-7-7's but let's be honest, those are HARD.
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RE: Well, week *two* is down.
11/24/12 3:04 AM as a reply to DanishChris.
Week 3 is drawing to a close with the last workout tomorrow. So far i'm down around 8 lbs.
I'm noticing improvements in my ability to perform the different exercises.

The worst part is the doubts. "will this work for me" "I haven't moved on the scale in fat% for x days now.. is something wrong" "am i aeting enough, should i rethink my diet" and so on, ad nauseam..

I'm just going to put my blinders on for now and stick with the program.
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RE: Well, week *two* is down.
11/24/12 3:33 AM as a reply to DanishChris.
WHOO-HOO!! Way to go!! HAHA!! Dont worry about the fat!! The more i lost the fatter i got to start!!! Then it all seemed to melt off! I only weigh and measure on friday mornings i do a little cheat on my diet on the weekends. Keep pushing play and have a GREATDAY!!! Did you check out the deals on Beachbody products these last couple of day? WOW!! JO
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RE: Well, week *two* is down.
11/24/12 11:53 PM as a reply to 2fat4me.
Well, hi there Jo and thanks for the kind words. I't's good to see someone else in here.
Actually, after writing that post yesterday, I went and weighed myself.

Down 2.3% bodyfat.

Something's happening!

I was at a particularly bad accident last night (I'm a firefighter with the Danish fire department) and reacted by having an extra shake and a teaspoon of peanutbutter right before bed, so this morning I weighed in at 2 lbs more than yesterday morning.
(obviously no one gains that much over one night, so I'm not worried)

Today is the last day of week 3. One more sweat and then a week more of routines 1-2, then on to routines 3-4 and the dreaded ab-ripper 200.

As i promised, I'll upload my day zero pictures along with my day 30 pictures.
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