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Calories burned during Push Phase
Hi Everyone,
I'm sure this has been asked so please bear with me. Just wondering how many calories are burned during the Push phase. I'm 5'5" and 245 lbs. I know I was over the 300's during the Burn phase but that seemed to have alot more full body exercise to it.

Would 200 or 250 be too much to count? I am not sure I am trusting my watch that counts calories at this point.

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RE: Calories burned during Push Phase
11/14/12 10:55 AM as a reply to Glynixx.
I think 250 is probably close - maybe more depending on your heart rate.

You do not burn as many calories during the push month - some people (me included) gained weight during this month. But it all comes off plus some in the lean month.

at this point, you are breaking down mental barriers and building muscle in your body so you can do the more complicated moves in the lean month.

Also keep in mind, you have more muscle than fat from working out, so your body will naturally burn a few more calories while "resting"

hope that helps,
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RE: Calories burned during Push Phase
11/19/12 9:34 AM as a reply to yinbin.
Thanks Rachael!

May I ask why people go back to losing weight during the lean month? Is it more like the burn phase? Sorry, haven't watched that far ahead yet. emoticon

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