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Fat shredder - maintain, lose, or gain weight?
Phase 1 - Fat shredder
Does this phase have a person lose, gain, or maintain weight?

The other question is can a person maintain or gain weight(muscle mass) in phase 1?

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RE: Fat shredder - maintain, lose, or gain weight?
11/15/12 11:27 AM as a reply to J0beach.
As I think about my question, I think I can answer it.

It order to loose weight (1lb/week) one needs to intake 500 calories less than their "maintenance calorie level". So the opposite is true. If you want to gain weight, add 500 calories to your "maintenance calorie level". Of course, if one wants to build muscle weight they would have to intake the proper ratios of protein, carbs and fat.

So the answer to my question is in any phase (since calorie intake in not increased) one cannot gain weight or lose weight. However, they can lose fat and gain muscle mass while still maintaining their weight.

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