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Is the scale the enemy? How often should I be weighing myself?
Just a little background. I am 46 yrs old, 5'10" & 247 lbs.
The week leading up to Insanity I followed the nutrition book and have been eating great ever since.
I am on Day 5 on Insanity and the scale it's moving.

Should I just stay off the scale for a while?

I am frustrated BUT I won't stop hitting play.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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I look at it every morning personally, but if you feel like it is causing you stress you don't need, don't check it every day. Check it once a week, every two weeks, or even not at all. What works best for you is most important. I know my weight fluctuates some from day to day and that can lead to some ups and downs with how you are feeling. The key is that you have that downward trend if weight loss is your goal.

If you are keeping track of the calories you are consuming and getting good burns, try not to watch the weight too closely and trust the system.

What are you eating for calories? My quick numbers tell me you should be eating somehwere around 2,400 calories a day to lose about 2 pounds a week, (depending on your workout calorie burns; keeping your net daily calories above 2100 or so). This will change as you lose weight.
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I am eating 5 times a day about 400 calories per meal.I track my calories with the app. LoseIT.
I haven't had a beer since election day and I love craft beer so that how much I want to succeed. My next beer will be New Years Eve to celebrate my Insane journey.
I am getting in some really good workout also. Averaging about 800 plus calories burned for a 40 minute workout.

I think I am just going to stay off the scale until I do my Day 15 measurements, another set of photos and my second fit test.

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RE: Is the scale the enemy? How often should I be weighing myself?
11/15/12 10:16 AM as a reply to Glenbo66.
Hey Glen ,

I'm on day 15 . I started following the Nutrition guide 2 weeks prior to my start date on 11/1 .. You should start seeing the scale drop within the next few day, I've dropped a total of 6 lbs , 3 lbs a week .I usually jump on the scale on my rest day .
My normal routine would be my Insanity work out , and a 40 minute fast pace walk a day ....
Good luck to you.

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RE: Is the scale the enemy? How often should I be weighing myself?
11/15/12 10:26 AM as a reply to Glenbo66.

The scale is not the enemy. How we use the scale, well, that's a different story.

Imagine trying to buy a car just based on its weight.

Cars are "light" or "heavy," but we buy them based on looks, and how well they perform (and of course price, but that's another conversation). We don't usually think about how much they weigh.

If you look good and your body is able to do things that you want it to, then you have made a great achievement.

Weight is just part of the calculation. Look at the bigger picture: body dimensions, BMI, endurance levels, heart rate, blood pressure. Ultimately, it comes down to one question: How do you feel?

Hope this helps,

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RE: Is the scale the enemy? How often should I be weighing myself?
11/15/12 11:03 AM as a reply to Glenbo66.
Thanks Brian,
Just going to keep hitting play and I will see what progress I have made in 11 days with my measurements and Day 15 fit test.
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