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Day 39 done - starting to see good results
I am 37 years old. I am down 15lbs. I am down 2 pant sizes now. My upper abs are starting to show. I want to drop another 10 lbs by the end...that will put be right where I want to be, which is between 180-185 lbs.

On the recovery days (Thursday), I play basketball and lift weights, along with some regular Insanity exercises. A couple friends of mine who I play basketball with told me as we were in the locker room that they see some good changes with me.

I figure if I can drop another 10lbs, my lower abs will start showing.

For those getting pain in your neck, shoulders or is your form. A friend of mine who finished Insanity told me to watch my form and the pain will go away. Guess what? She was back and shoulder pain went away. I had to slow down a tad to make sure my form is solid.
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RE: Day 39 done - starting to see good results
11/19/12 9:16 AM as a reply to bmc100.
Over the weekend, I was doing things around the house and I took my shirt off. My wife goes...Hmmmmmmm....I go what? She goes that is starting to look nice. I go at least you are starting to notice the results of my hard work. It is off limits to you...since you are not being nice.

She goes no, that is all mine, I own it. I go, I dont think so...emoticon
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