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Asylum 1 Nutrition and weight loss tips?
Hello all:

There is agroup of us here who are starting Asylum 1 on Monday 11/19 (see the thread here). Like many I went through Insanity pushing play every day and follwing the basic guidelines in the nutrion booklet for Insanity. The results were great and I lost quite a bit of weight since May. I have about 12-14 more lbs I want to lose before putting back on about 7-8 of those in pure muscle and have a couple of questions about nutrition and weight loss for Asylum for those who have done this before.

Should I use the same caloric needs calculations as in the Insanity nutrition booklet?

It seems like Asylum is going to add quite a bit of muscle, which is also adding density. Did you all experience weight loss on Asylum? Because the workouts are so intense it seems that it would be easy to be in caloric deficit but am not sure how much would be offset by the additional muscle density.

Any other tips on nutrition and supplements you have are appreciated.

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