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Beachbody goes global - motivate, chat and make friends all over the world
Big Guy with Big Ambitions

I had to tell a lie and say I was from Nova Scotia as apparently there are only two countries in the beach body world. I'm actually from the Edinburgh in the old Scotland so it's almost true!

Not many over this side of the pond has heard of Beach body and the various programs so I'm extending my net. I've just completed my first Insanity workout and it was tough but it is the beginning of my body transformation; things will change!


In many ways its not to have a plan and let it continually evolve but I hope that if I can put my targets out there and you put your targets out there then we can encourage, discuss and track our progress.


I'm big, too big! Actually too keep things simple ill convert to pounds so 235lbs big and my aim is to get to around 200lbs in the next 6 months. It won't be easy.

What is it going to be and when is your target date?

Let us learn together...

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