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Asylum Volume 1
Asylum Volume 1
11/19/12 3:03 PM
Greetings Everyone:

I just completed the Asylum Workout (BACK TO CORE) today for the first time!
It was awesome! :-) I had a lower back injury awhile ago, so this particular workout is really going to help me strengthen my CORE AREA, glutes, and hamstrings! Yea!!!!

Tomorrow, I am going to do the Asylum Workout (STRENGTH) for the first time!
I am looking forward to the cross training and weight resistance.

I have not decided if I am going to try any of the other Asylum Volume 1 Workouts.
I am a little scared, because the Asylum Volume 1 is 'NO JOKE'.
I am not sure if I am ready! I think I will wait until my CORE AREA is stronger.

In the meantime, I like alternating between the Insanity Month 1 and Insanity Month 2 Workouts...... Those workouts are really good too!

I am just going to keep PRESSING PLAY and PUSHING FORWARD!

By the way, I posted some new pics that I took while training with my personal trainer...
He is helping strengthen my lower back (CORE AREA) as well.

I am determined to get stronger....

Dig Deep,

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RE: Asylum Volume 1
11/19/12 4:07 PM as a reply to ccdriver77.
Congrats on starting Asylum. Yes, that program is no joke. Half way through it now. I would say keep going, just don't overwork yourself. The program will strengthen your core for sure! I bought volume 2 and should be starting that around the first week in December. I've tried to start a group for asylum but no takers. If you want to join you're welcome to. Let me know and I can send you the thread.

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RE: Asylum Volume 1
11/20/12 1:36 PM as a reply to abetteryoutoday.
Hey Mike

Thanks for the INVITE! :-) I would love to join a group for the Asylum Workout Program, but I am not sure if my body is ready. I think I need to wait a few more weeks and contine to work on strenghtening my lower back muscules--so that in time I am able keep up with and perform all of the exercises.

Sooooo, right now, I just not sure if my body is ready! I will keep you posted!

Thanks again,

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RE: Asylum Volume 1
11/20/12 3:19 PM as a reply to ccdriver77.
ok. When you're ready here is the link:

Not much going on as I'm the only one in the group to post but we'll see.
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