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YogaX Question
YogaX Question
11/19/12 10:50 PM
Shortly after I started P90X my hips and groin have been popping... It's a very frequent occurance in the outside of my hips and my inner groin. When it pops it's not painful, but it is very noticable. It reminds me of when I pop a knuckle on my finger.

Has anybody eslse experienced this or is it just me or maybe just a coincidence that I started noticing it when I started doing things like frog and crane emoticon

Any opinions would be appreciated.
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RE: YogaX Question
11/23/12 4:32 PM as a reply to crequa.
I have noticed my left hip popping when doing Fifer Scissors or even the ballistic hamstring stretch in the X Stretch.

My suggestion is to make sure your form is perfect. Get someone to watch you and compare to the video if you can. If your form is correct, and the popping noise isn't painful, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I also used to have a clicking in my shoulders when doing shoulder presses, which wasn't painful and eventually went away after a few months. If it starts becoming painful, it's time to modify.

Hope this helps! Feel free to message me if you have any more questions.

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