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Did fit test but
Did fit test but
11/20/12 1:47 PM

Did the fit test with not great footwear and for
The nxt 3 days the arches of my feet underneath
We're killing me. It even hurt walking.

This must b due to my footwear? Do I have
to buy some decent training ones?

This hasn't happened before. Any1 had similar?


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RE: Did fit test but
11/20/12 1:59 PM as a reply to Greg021.
Sounds like plantar fasciitis.
Here is a little bit of information about it.

My suggestion would be go to your doctor and have him check it out.
And yes, probably footwear with good support is a good idea.
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RE: Did fit test but
11/21/12 2:57 AM as a reply to Greg021.
Hi Greg,
I'm in week 6 of Insanity. Yes, you will need some decent shoes. Unless you've been doing plyometrics regularly you'll probably have some soreness. All your leg muscles will burn. For me, my calf muscle got pretty sore. I did calf stretches throughout the day as much as possible in those early days. I personally wear Saucony Hattori shoes. They're minimalist shoes but I workout on a thick rubber mat that I got at Dick Sports. If you're interested in it let me know and I'll try to find the one I use online. I invested about $100, I think, to put together a mat the size I wanted. It is thick but firm. I love it.

Good luck, Greg.

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