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New to INSANITY... Starting 11/26/2012
New to INSANITY... Starting 11/26/2012
insanity buddies motivation
11/21/12 9:38 AM
I just ordered INSANITY and it should be arriving this weekend so I am gearing up to get started on Monday, 11/26/2012. If you have just started, starting or almost through your program, I would appreciate any words of wisdom you can provide. Also I welcome buddies who are up for daily check-ins so we can hold each other accountable.

Here is my story (the beginning) and I hope the next chapters are going to be much thinner... pun intended.... I participated in sports since I was a kid. I was a good high school athlete, and I was recruited out of high school to throw discus, shotput and hammer in college. When people think of throwers, they most likely think of the big and heavy guys, but I was lean and in good shape. That all changed after I graduated college. Although I continued to play recreational sports as an adult, it was more of a social activity (beer drinking) than exercise. I saw my weight go from 235 when I graduated college to 294 as of this morning. Needless to say I am not the same athletic person that I was when I was younger.

As a married father with 3 very active kids, I am still able to keep up with them, but I know that I need to make a change in my overall physical condition. I am turning 40 next month (my father died of heart disease at 45), and I realized that I am too old to continue making excuses for myself. I do not except excuses from my kids; therefore, I should not accept any from myself nor should my kids except any from me.

I have officiated high school football for several years, and I joined the college board last year. I worked several games last year, and I received a full schedule this year; however, I was advised that I needed to drop at least 35 pounds if I planned on continuing to work college and wanted to be considered for DII and DI openings.

My main motivation is family, but I also have personal goals that require that I get into better shape. I will be giving myself the gift of a healthier life for my 40th!
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RE: New to INSANITY... Starting 11/26/2012
11/21/12 4:51 PM as a reply to FBRef.
Congrats on your decision to start INSANITY it is a great program and you have a good story and reason for starting. I tell everyone that I have coached through weight loss that the two things I find the most important are setting small goals rather than focusing on the big one, the small goals will get you to the big finish before you even realize it. The second is to find a reason "why" you are getting fit, you have found that reason now all you have to do is hold on to it and focus on it when the workouts get hard or if you are feeling like quiting. That is what I did. It was my daughter that helped me when I decided to get fit and since then I have lost 120 lbs. You have a great start hold on to it and you will be fine. If you have any questions post them here and everyone on these threads will come to me.

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