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Shoes for Insanity
Shoes for Insanity
11/21/12 10:01 PM
If you've been having a hard time with Insanity because your feet and shins hurt, I may have the answer for you. Bare feet. I have searched for days for the perfect shoes to elminate the pain the starts in my feet during the Insanity warmups then spreads to my shins quickly thereafter. Now I had read a post on a board I found doing a Google search for good shoes for Insanity and someone suggested bare feet when doing Insanity, but I dismissed it. After trying my 9th pair of shoes and still feeling incredible pain in my feet and shins during the warmup of Insanity--the pain had prevented me from going much beyond the warmup up to this date, btw. Today the post I had read about going barefoot came to mind, so I took my shoes off and started up the routine again. There was no pain. I could increase my speed in step with the video with ease now and still no pain. I went as hard as I could and still no pain. My shins and feet were still sore from trying to workout before, but there was no pain from doing the routine now. I was amazed. Barefeet did it for me.

But because I had been trying to workout with painful feet and shins, my feet and shins are really sore so I'm going to let them heal for a week or so and start over. Another tip -- DO NOT WORKOUT IN PAIN, it will only set your progress back.

I hope this helps.
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