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My custom workout - Opinions welcome
As a 52 year old man I wanted to work two specific problem areas: gut and chest. Both were flabby. So in addition doing the regular P90X rotation I merged AbX and a bunch of my other favorites from other chest/arm workouts. I do my regular P90X in the morning and this routine every other day in the evening. So far the results are encouraging. One thing I noticed is that my intensity is much better for the Ab workout (I had been doing it after my daily P90X workout and felt tired a lot.) Here's the workout. What do you P90X veterans think of making up your own workouts?

Warm up from Chest and Back
1. In and Out
2. Standard Push Ups
3. Bicycle
4. Floor Flies
5. Crunchy Frog
6. Staggered Hands Push Ups
7. Wide Leg Sit Ups
8. Stock the Shelves
9. Fifer Scissors
10. Side to Side Push Ups
11. Hip Rock and Raise
12. Overhead Flies
13. Heels to heaven
14. Wide Fly Push Up
15. Roll Up V Up
16. Fly Row Press
17. Oblique V Up
18. Diamond Push Up
19. Leg Climbers
20. Squat X Press
21. Mason Twist
22. In-Out Shoulder Flies
23. Steam Engine
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RE: My custom workout - Opinions welcome
11/23/12 3:23 PM as a reply to Jackpinesavage.
Sounds like a fun routine! One of the things I love most about the Ab Ripper routine is that it's constant ab work without much break. Are you getting enough of a burn in the abs with this alternating ab/chest style? Maybe you could try blocks of ab work (say 3-4 moves back to back) combined with blocks of chest exercises (2 or so). Just an idea, but if the above routine is working for you, stick with it and make more custom routines to keep the muscle confusion going!

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