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How was your first few weeks of p90x?
My first week was good! I'm on day 2 of my second week and I've noticed I've been taking a lot more breaks! I definitely go all the way to the end of each video and I give it my all but is this normal? Will it start getting easier as i go on?
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RE: How was your first few weeks of p90x?
11/23/12 8:59 AM as a reply to LittleItalia7.

When you first do a workout, you get sore. Your body is sore and it's a good sore because your body is getting stronger. No one starts out by doing 100 push ups. You have to build up to it.

The first week I was doing 5-10 pushups and 5 on my knees. I've got 2 weeks left in the program and I'm doing 30 pushups and even 1 arm push ups. All I can say is that you will guarenteed want to not press play one day when you come home because you are soooo sore and tired. Drink your water, grit your teeth and just do it. Cause the feeeling you have 3 months into the program is worth it. The weight lost is worth it.

Bring it!

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