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integrate x2 routines into p90x
I have been doing p90x workouts for almost two years and am considering getting x2. Although I can complete the workouts without much modification except for assistance on pullups, I wouldn't say that I have 'graduated' from p90x or met my goals. In the short term, I was looking to continue with p90x and rotate some of the x2 workouts into the schedule (e.g., alternate plyoX with plyocide, yogaX with x2yoga, arx with arx2). Then, eventually do a round of x2. So, for anyone familiar with both programs, would integrating some of the x2 routines into the p90x program be fine?

Also, I have been looking at the equipment for x2. I already have a foam roller and powerstands (and possibly a stability ball). So, getting the deluxe version probably won't be the most cost effective option since I would only need the med balls. Therefore, if I'm only getting the med balls, what weight (if only getting one weight) and brand would be recommended?

Thanks for any advice. Now time to hit the workouts again after some recovery time and holidays.

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RE: integrate x2 routines into p90x
11/26/12 9:33 AM as a reply to statprof71.

I think adding in some X2 routines is a great idea. I am actually doing an X/X2 hybrid now as I have done both separately and wanted to get the benefits of both in one. X2 really focuses on your core in the workouts.

As for medicine balls, the weight really depends on what you can lift but a general one is 8lbs. My suggestion is to find ones that are hard as some come softer but hard ones are much better for pushups and most of these exercises. As for brands, I don't think that really matters just find ones that are solid.

Shoot me any questions you have.

Team Engage
P90X Certified
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