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Starting Insanity 11/26
Starting Insanity 11/26
11/25/12 7:59 PM
I plan on starting Insanity tomorrow. I used to be an athlete until I was injured and couldn't do basic things like run. I stopped doing sports for a few months as it hurt to even stand my leg. After that when I was finally able to run a little bit, although with a bit of pain, I no longer had motivation to run. I became a couch potato, didnt do anything physical would just lay around the house and watch tv. I began to put on the pounds and lose muscle. Now I no longer like the way I feel when I see how out of shape I have become. So I have decide to do something about it and try the Insanity workout.

My main problem is motivation, now that I am no longer an athlete I feel as if though I have no reason to workout and be in shape, and even though I dont like being this out of shape it does not motivate me to push myself. So I have signed up on here to see if getting through these workouts with people will in some way motivate me to push myself.
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RE: Starting Insanity 11/26
11/25/12 8:05 PM as a reply to ASark21.
Hey there,

Good luck to you. Insanity will definitely help. If you don't get a lost of response here. I have a group of people on my accountability and motivation group that are doing Insanity. Some are only a week in.

I loved Insanity and Asylum. they are both great programs. I have a customer who was also looking for a group. She is starting on tomorrow also, so I will send her you way.

Let me know if I can help at all.
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RE: Starting Insanity 11/26
11/26/12 12:08 AM as a reply to ASark21.
I pretty much jumped right into Insanity myself. About the only exercise I was getting was co-ed softball on Sundays and that's not really a "workout." I was always fit but eventually life catches up with you if you don't do anything to combat it.

I was nervous about started Insanity without having any type of workout program that I was currently on but figured it couldn't hurt. I have now completed 25 days of Insanity and I can tell you that I love it. I can't wait to get home from work to workout and get that rush I feel after I finish.

I too had an injury that I sustained during softball, an Achilles sprain, that has bothered me for over a year now but for some strange reason Insanity has not re-injured it at all. As a matter of fact it feels stronger to me.

Just remember to go at your own pace. Push it but when you need to stop or slow down do so. You will get stronger as the workouts progress and you'll need less breaks.

Good luck!!

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RE: Starting Insanity 11/26
11/26/12 2:47 AM as a reply to ASark21.
Hi there!

I've just started it today as well. I did a 3 week run of it a couple of months ago and am kicking myself that I didn't keep going. Even in that short space I saw huge improvements in the Fit Test results.

In terms of motivation, I just discovered that taking a before pic works wonders. I haven't seen a pic of me with my shirt off for a long time, so was basing my self image on what I saw in the mirror. Unfortunately my mirror is a lying swine and I am a lot more out of shape than my mind's eye showed me lol. Try taking one to see if it helps? Oh and the fact I now live near a lot of beaches is pushing me onwards as well.

Happy to check in here each day to make sure you keep going (it also means I'll have yet another reason to make sure I do the workouts myself!).

Good luck and let us know how you felt after the Fit Test (I just finished mine and am still a bit red in the face an hour later).

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RE: Starting Insanity 11/26
11/26/12 1:22 PM as a reply to ASark21.
So I just did my first day of Insanity. The fit test that is.
Here are my results
Switch kicks - 91
power jacks - 44
power knees - 80
power jump - 26
globe jump - 9
suicide jump - 16
pushup jacks - 21
low plank oblique - 38

I do have to say that even the fit test is tough enough. This seems like it will be a hell of a workout but Im sure the end result will be well worth it.
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RE: Starting Insanity 11/26
11/26/12 2:47 PM as a reply to ASark21.
It is a hell of a workout! But wait till you see the improvements in your Fit Test results two weeks from now. Then you'll realise just how worth it the day 60 result will be emoticon
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RE: Starting Insanity 11/26
11/27/12 8:06 AM as a reply to ASark21.
Hi! I also started Insanity yesterday and am looking for some accountability/motivation/support etc!

Here are my fit test results:
PJ (23) (modified, I can't even do a pushup..)

I was definitely shocked that just doing that could be so difficult!! I felt kinda nauseous after. Today's workout was rough (I officially hate 'power squats' more than anything ever!) but actually seemed more manageable than that Fit Test!!
Looking forward to seeing improvements and what kind of surprises Shaun T has in store... I don't trust him.... haha.
Happy Workout!! Dig Deeper and all that. emoticon
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