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Need more calories. How?
Need more calories. How?
11/27/12 3:00 PM

I am about 2/3rds of the way through P90X and have enjoyed the program. I am 35 years old and always had a thin, semi-athletic build (5'9" 150 #'s). My strength has increased since starting the program, however I know I could get increased results if I took in more calories. I simply do not eat enough!! Can you share some ideas on how to increase my caloric intake during the course of a normal day? In a healthy way of course!

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RE: Need more calories. How?
11/27/12 3:28 PM as a reply to heypal.
Incorporating healthy fats are good way to get your calories up. A snack of nut butter and banana, avocado on whole wheat bread, hummus and veggies, and nuts and dried fruit are all good.

Add a drizzle of olive oil to a salad, add wheat germ to cereals, add avocado to an omelet (with the egg yolks), add nut butter to oatmeal- you can easily add 100-200 calories to your meal.

Some lower fat options would be sweet potatoes, beans and legumes, quinoa and other whole grains.

Hope this helps!
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RE: Need more calories. How?
11/27/12 4:39 PM as a reply to heypal.
Congrats on making it 2/3s of the way through P90X! I love strength training, and it's a great mixture of workouts! emoticon

For Breakfast
-Add in Wheat Germ, Chia Seeds, or Flaxseeds to oatmeal
-Extra eggs
-Whole grain toast with Greek yogurt

-Add in Kalamata olives
-Olive Oil

-Coconut Oil (olive oil will turn to trans fat when heated)

-Chia seeds will congeal if left in water so you can also make protein pudding as a snack...just mix chocolate protein/shakeology water and a tablespoon of protein!
-Green Yogurt
-Nut Butters

Other favorites
-amino acids (great on stir fry!!)

What is your caloric goal? Could you add it another snack? How close to your calories are you each day?
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RE: Need more calories. How?
11/27/12 8:27 PM as a reply to SoreyFitness.
Thanks for the tips. Sorey, you asked about my caloric intake. To tell you the truth, I never have counted them up! However, I have a sneaking suspicion I am falling short. Here is an average day:

Cold cereal or oatmeal (old fashioned style, yum!) for breakfast

SOMETIMES a snack before lunch. This would be a grapefruit, apple or protein shake.

Lunch is usually leftovers from the night before. The contents can very from Stir Fry to Spagehtti.

Again, Sometimes a snack before dinner.

Dinner. Everything from soup to nuts here. Try to keep it healthy as possible but not always.

So based on that info, I know I am way short on calories. I guess I am a eat to live type guy rather than live to eat!
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RE: Need more calories. How?
12/8/12 10:43 AM as a reply to heypal.
Oh are under calories. Do you think you could add shakes as a snack, eggs or yogurt with your oats for breakfast (you'll want some protein), have a pre or post workout snack, a hearty dinner? I think any of these would help your results.
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