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Challenge Group December 10th 2012--ALL APPLY
I’m starting a Fitness Challenge group December 10th, 2012 and am looking for 5 motivated people who want to transform their health, mindset, and lifestyle. What’s a Challenge Group? It’s a group of people who are in need of support and motivation to reach their fitness goals. It’s a way to keep each other accountable and on point. I will be setting up a private facebook group and will be checking in with you daily to make sure you get your workout in. I will be your support system and your cheerleader, as will everyone in the group.

Here’s how it works:
1. Send me a message via facebook or TBB to let me know you are interested.
2. From there, I will guide you in selecting which fitness program will fit your needs and goals.
3. You will be invited to an exclusive facebook group where we will post our workouts, meals, and keep each other on track for the duration of your program.
4. You will meet inspirational people along the way and friends for life with the same interest in fitness as you.

This isn’t a scam or a quick fix. This is pure dedication, hard work, and will power. I’m looking for 5 people. Are you one of them? Don’t keep putting your health on the back burner, live the life you deserve.

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RE: Challenge Group December 10th 2012--ALL APPLY
12/1/12 9:12 AM as a reply to RUNwDMC.
Thanks for having a Challenge!! I've done a few & it's totally worth it, def helps you stay on track!

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