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meal plan help
meal plan help
11/27/12 5:49 PM
Hello everyone. So i am currently doing a p90x insanity hybrid but since i did not order them myself, i donthave the food plans that come with the programs. So i am not sure how many calories i need per day, or what i should be eating. I am 5'7 around 135 pounds. I am focused on toning up everything and gaining lean muscle.
So if anyone can help me out that would be fantastic! Thank you
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RE: meal plan help
11/27/12 6:11 PM as a reply to mtrebs9.
If you are not out to lose weight I would use the calorie counter here on this site or do a google search for the Mayo clinic calorie counter and punch in the numbers that they ask for. This will tell you about what you need to be taking in to maintain your weight. After you do that I would use a program such as my fitness pal to track those calories and to shoot for a 40/40/20 Protein, carbs, fat split. Once you do that just monitor your measurements and you should be good. I did something very similar while doing INSANITY and I didn't lose any weight but lost two inches off my belt line.

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RE: meal plan help
11/27/12 7:29 PM as a reply to mtrebs9.
Hey! Congrats on starting P90X! Did you decide to do the classic or lean calendar? I think you'd like the classic since your goal is tone up everything and build lean muscle. How do you like it so far?

Here is the calorie calculator I use (it's in the nutrition guide)
Step 1:
Your current weight x 10 = _____

Step 2: How active are you outside of your workouts? (Pick one of the 3 below)
Sedentary: Step #1's number X 10%= DAB
Moderately Step #1's number X 20% = DAB
Very Active Step #1's number X 30% = DAB

Step 3:
Add your calories burned from your daily workout (DW). (about 300-500 with P90X)

Step 4: OPTIONAL (You'll skip it since you don't want to lose or gain)
Subtract or add your Calorie Deficit (CD) or Surplus. (A deficit of 500 calories a day averages to a loss of about 1 lb per week)

Step 5:
Put numbers on 1-4 all together!
#1 + #2 + #3 – #4 = Your Calorie Target

Does that make sense? If you'd like me to check it just let me know how active you are outside of your workouts and I'll calculate it for you emoticon

Remember to never drop below 1200 calories unless it is recommended by a doctor. Your body will go into starvation mode and store fat and eat its muscle…not good!!

I can also send you the P90X nutrition guide as a PDF if you want to look over it! emoticon Just let me know.
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RE: meal plan help
11/28/12 8:28 AM as a reply to SoreyFitness.
Thank you! yeah im doing the classic p90x schedule. great so far! and I just started using myfitnesspal on my phone to try and track my food,

Hahah okay that calorie counter didn't work for me i don't think. i would say moderately active outside my workouts, so if you could calculate that for me that would be great!
and if its not too much trouble to send the food guide so i can take a look at it that would be awesome!
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