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Night Shift Questions
Night Shift Questions
11/30/12 1:38 AM
I work the 3rd shift (5pm to 3am) and was interested in going total p90x. But after looking around haven't really found much information for people who work odd hours. So was wondering what times of the day I should be eating with my schedule. Like I said I work 5pm to 3am. I go to bed after getting home about 4ish. Then wake up around 9-10am. And take a nap from 3pm to 4pm. Now I know that off the bat the sleeping schedule isn't too healthy but I have kids and would like to spend time with them thus the getting up after only 5 or 6 hours. So just wondering when I should be eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and shakes. I would probably be working out after I got home so between 3 to 4.

Thanks again I know its a lot to ask but haven't really seen this question addressed anywhere else thanks.


I also have a fitness question here
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RE: Night Shift Questions
11/30/12 5:31 AM as a reply to icors2.
Meal timing is largely irrelevant; food quality and total calorie intake is much more important.

Choose foods from the nutrition guide and eat them when it's convenient for you.

As for sleep, I guess you have to just do the best you can, but you'd ideally get 7-8 hours at a time whenever it's possible.

Hope that reassures you some.
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RE: Night Shift Questions
12/1/12 2:42 AM as a reply to icors2.
Like you, I have a really crazy schedule. I work from 1015pm - 645am. Here is what I do:

830pm - Wake up and get ready for work
945pm - Arrive at work, have a small snack (less than 150 calories)
200am - Breakfast Time!! Somewhere between 300-400 calories
645am - Get off work
830am - Child is now safely at school - time for my workout
930 - 10am - Shakeology (200 - 300 calories) and shower time!!
1015am - Night night!
215pm - get up to pick up child from school
415pm - dinner time - tends to be about 500 calories or more
545 - 600pm - Night night again!

Like you I have broken up sleep and broken up eating schedule. Sometimes I am extra hungry after my workout and I eat a bit with my Shakeology. Other times I am not as hungry at 430pm and just eat a bigger snack at 945pm. As long as I get all of my calories in, I am all good. I also find that working out right after work (as close as possible with kids) is what works for me. If I wait until after I have slept, it will not get done.

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RE: Night Shift Questions
12/13/12 2:21 PM as a reply to Everett9239.
Thanks for the info so just a quick question but I have been eating around 1200 to 1400 cal. Now I am 6'2 and 225 lbs (217.8 as of day 6 of p90x) just wondering what about should I be eating. I have about a third of the nutrition guide as it was my buddys and his dog got ahold of it.
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RE: Night Shift Questions
12/16/12 12:44 AM as a reply to icors2.
At your current height/weight you need to be eating closer to 2500 calories a day! You are definitely not eating enough and your body will go into starvation mode and can even hault your weight loss all together eating such few calories.

For the first 3-4 weeks of P90X you want to be eating at 50% protein/ 30% carbs/ 20% fats. The high protein diet will really kick start your weight loss. That breaks down to:
Protein: 313g
Carbs: 188g
Fats: 56g

While the high protein diet will start off your weight loss, after week 4 you need to move to a higher carb diet to fuel your body and get the most out of your workouts. Move to a 40% carbs/ 30% protein/ 30% fats nutrition plan. That breaks down to:
Protein: 188
Carbs: 250
Fats: 83

It is very important that you're eating clean and healthy foods! Also, especially in that first phase when you're eating a ton of protein, don't be afraid to supplement with whey protein powder(whey isolates preferably).
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