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TC a better alternative to Yoga?
Hello everyone,

For those of you that have done Yoga, namely Yoga X, and have also done
Tai Cheng: How do you compare them?

I'm not a fan of YogaX because of the length of time and it not being as "fun"
as the other P90X workouts.

Still however, I acknowledge the importance of flexibility and because of that I am
curious to know how you guys rate Tai Cheng in comparison to YogaX. Specially if like me,
you're not very fond of the latter.

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RE: TC a better alternative to Yoga?
11/30/12 6:44 PM as a reply to Aleph.
I did P90X twice and am doing Tai Cheng now, it will help with flexibility an balance but it is in no way a sub for Yoga X, the intensity does not even begin to compare. If you are not a fan of yoga because of the time you can check out P90X One-on-One fountain of youth yoga. It is almost as intense as Yoga X without the balances postures so it comes in at just over 45 minutes. Could be a better alternative.

On a side not TC is awesome I am on week 11 after doing P90X and INSANITY, it has gotten rid of pains I have been living with most of my life an totally improved my balance and sports performance.

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RE: TC a better alternative to Yoga?
1/26/13 2:30 PM as a reply to Aleph.
I did a couple rounds of p90x and am on week 5 of Tai Cheng now. I think it really depends on your fitness goals, but I imagine that if you're doing p90x then tai chi won't be a good substitute.

It is considerably shorter than yoga x. The neural reboot is amazing. There is definitely breath work and flexibility and balance. But you're not going burn many calories or get much muscle definition from it. I'm only 5 weeks into Tai Cheng, but so far it doesn't do much with the upper body, only the legs.

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