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Nutrition Guide Question for Newbie
Hey guys (and gals),

I wanted to apologies as I feel being new to this I might be beating a dead horse but I was hoping for some clarity on the p90x diet. I've done some research online but was hoping for some help.

I'm already in good shape already and been weight lifting and doing cardio weekly for the past few years. I'm looking for something different and for a new challenge to help me reach my peak physique and performance. I got the basics down and I already have a good iPhone app for nutrition tracking while I follow the portion approach.

My first question is that I'm around 160 pounds so according to the calculations/guide I should be eating 2400 calories. Now is for the entire program? Or is there a point where you increase caloric intake to help build muscle? Or is this more of what your body is telling you? If I need more energy during workouts increase calories by 200-300 and just increase as needed?

Also is there a specific point where you should switch phases? From what I've gathered on the Internet, phase 2 should be started when you feel you need the extra energy from the increased carbs. But my question is how do you if you need more carbs, calories or both? And phase 3 in the last third of the program to help build/maximize muscle growth.

Thanks for all the help and advice you can provide as I greatly appreciate it. Can't wait to start this awesome program!
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RE: Nutrition Guide Question for Newbie
11/30/12 6:31 PM as a reply to MinerPain.
Ok lots of questions there I hope that I get all of the.

The 2400 number that you crunched, that is good for the whole program, most likely created a small deficit in calories, that is there as most people look to P90X to trim up and get in better physical condition. If you are looking to gain some mass you are going to want a calories surplus rather than a deficit. So you may want to start a few calories over the original number that came from the guide.

As for switching phases, I ended up changing phases each time I went into a new workout phase but you are correct in listening to your body when it comes to hunger and energy levels. If you are not getting through the workouts then you may need to make the switch a little sooner or add a few more calories in the carb department.

Let me know if I missed anything.
Hope it helps

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