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Starting new Challenge Groups the first of every month!!
Starting new Challenge Groups the first of every month!!
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2/4/13 10:25 AM
You now have the opportunity to join and discover all the benefits of a fitness challenge group!

Again, no purchases required. No product or program requirements. Just you and your desire to get in the best shape of your life!!

All you have to do is add me as a buddy and then message me to be added to the group. Be a New You in the New Year!!

Congrats to all of those who've already joined challenge groups!

For those who missed the opportunity I will again be hosting new groups beginning the 1st of every month. Usher in a New Year with a challenge group!

No purchases, fees or HD required to join! You'll get the added benefit of my fitness certifications expertise......I've been a professional instructor for over 15 years. It'll be like having a personal trainer for free!

Results achieved gets you a chance to win cash and prizes through the Beachbody Challenge. I have a few incentives for challengers too! Message me for further details. Let's bring it!

See my TBB blog for more info
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RE: Starting new Challenge Groups!!!
new year tbb fitness goals obstacles workouts fitness regimen email january 1st new challenge new fitness distraction challengers group environment certifications fitness activity open forum right solution team group whatever your reason
2/4/13 10:26 AM as a reply to BrandiPriest.
New Challenge groups starting March 1st, 2013...

Any program, any fitness activity, any age, any fitness level WELCOME!!! Challengers ready to bring it for the New Year! Be consistent and succeed in a team/group environment.

This is an open forum to share and bring it! Discover and overcome what's kept you from succeeding your fitness goals in the past. Don't cheat yourself another day. Join us for this transforming experience.

The group will help motivate, support and keep you accountable to your workouts. My job is to advise, recommend and get you past obstacles. I have six fitness and training certifications with over 15 years experience in the industry. I will not let you fail if you commit to this opportunity to be a New You this New Year!!

You can add me a buddy and message me for further details. Get specific about your program and more via email. If you need modifications I can help you with that too. Whether you just want to get in shape, preparing for a special event/occasion, coming back from an injury, just had a baby; whatever your reason this is the right solution for you!

I just want everyone committing to a new fitness regimen in their lives to be able to stick with it. It's so easy to fall off well laid plans. I so completely believe it's all about having a support system in place.

I'm happy to offer this to anyone and everyone on TBB.........I hope you'll join us!

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RE: Starting new Challenge Groups the first of every month!!
beachbody nutrition fitness goals lifestyle health and fitness helping others congrats 18 years new challenge regimen fitness industry april 1st program enhancement website newsletter participant list
3/14/13 8:20 AM as a reply to BrandiPriest.
Congrats to everyone who's decided to get healthy and fit for 2013 and to those who've joined previous challenge groups. To continue helping others I'll will be hosting "Get Back to Basics" fitness challenge groups beginning April 1st. To learn more about what challenge groups are and what's involved click here for more details.

If interested contact me to be added to the participant list.

You can also view my website newsletter for all the latest specials, tips and much more! Click here to view newsletter.

As always you're welcome to contact me with questions about Beachbody or your health and fitness goals. I have over 18 years experience in the fitness industry currently holding 6 certification. I can help you with modifications, nutrition, designing a program enhancement regimen to fit your needs and lifestyle as well as much more! Let me help you reach your fitness goals!

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