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P90x diet and nutrition question
Hi all!
I have a few questions pertaining to the p90x diet plan. I have done p90x one time through but did not follow the diet plan. I basically tried to eat better and did the workouts. I lost a little fat and built some muscle but not anywhere near what I feel I can do.
This time around I am following the diet plan as close as I possibly can. I am starting phase two as of today and haven't really lost any fat or look much different in my pictures or measurements. Now maybe I am not doing the diet right or perfect?
A lot of the recipies I do not like. What I did was I make sure to measure all portions and make sure I am keeping
Square with the block chart. For example, I am supposed to have 7 protein blocks
1 carb 4veggie 1 fruit ect... So I use the guide to pick foods from the top tier of the ladder.
For example today's food was
6 egg whites 2 sprouted wheat English muffins. 3 soy sausage patties
6oz oj

Mid morning snack
Protein bar
Recovery drink

1 cup soba buckwheat noodles 1 boca veggie burger

Afternoon snack
30 pistachios
Large leafy green salad with other veggies 3oz grilled chkn 2 tblsp fat free honey mustard dressing
1 cup whole wheat pasta 3oz grilled chkn
If I'm going by the blocks allowed I believe I am in the right place with my diet.
Now to get big results do I have to eat the listed diet plan exactly as its written??
I'm getting a bit frustrated with myself and think I'm doing good.
Anything I forgot to include? Any ideas?
Thanks so much!!
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RE: P90x diet and nutrition question
12/4/12 4:28 AM as a reply to Vypr.
You are NOT eating enough. You need to eat MORE. This is why you are not seeing any improvement. Do you know how much calories you should be eating a day? You need to figure out how much you should be eating. REMEMBER - 85% of the results is from the nutrition and 25% is doing the workouts.
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RE: P90x diet and nutrition question
12/4/12 6:20 AM as a reply to Vypr.
The guide said I need to have 2400 calories per day. But I have read that the p90x guide over estimates what you need. Thanks for the response!!!!
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RE: P90x diet and nutrition question
12/18/12 11:07 PM as a reply to Vypr.
Hey Vypr, I'm not a coach so I'm not as wise as the others, but here is what has worked for me. 2400 calories a day is what I "needed" as well. I can't eat that much. I just can't. That also doesn't include the deficit required to drop weight. 500 calorie deficit equals 1lb dropped per week average.

I followed this quide line to find the appropriate match for me. I don't follow recipes either as I'm more of a raw plant, vegetarian type gal, so I picked from Michi's Ladder and added more protein than I'm used to. (I'm taking in 170 grams of protein a day. 1 gram of protein per pound until I hit Phase 2, I'm on fat shredder right now.)


Enter body weight: 170
Enter RMR (='s body weigh X10) 1,700
DAB (DAB ='s RMR) plus 10%, 20% if your job isn't sedentary. So mine would be 170
DAB (daily activity burn)
Enter calories burned during P90X (average 600) 600
Calories burned in exercise outside of P90X: 0
Energy amount needed (calories) to maintain current weight: 2,640 calories

Deficit of 500 calories per day to lose 1lb per week='s 2,140 calories per day for me. That is still a lot for me to eat. So right now, I am personally doing a deficit a bit higher than that. Some days I will deficit up to 1,000 (2 lbs lost per week) which would put me at 1,640. That is still higher than my average 1200 calorie a day without excercise so I don't bonk. However, I need to be careful to eat as close to 1900 calories a day so I don't bonk energy wise. Carbs are your friends (which I'm sure you've learned.) I eat six small meals a day. The more often, the better. I average 160 calories a meal. You'll feel like a hummingbird eating that often, but you won't be hungry that's for sure. It gets easier when you don't have to protein load all of the time. You'll still need your protein, but not 50%. Be sure to write everything down. That has helped me so much.

Good luck!
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